War of the Rebellion: Serial 079 Page 0262 Chapter LI. KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA.

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Cincinnati, Ohio, October 13, 1864.

Brigadier General RICHARD DELAFIELD,

Chief Engineer U. S. Army:

GENERAL: I have the honor to make the following report of operations on the defenses of Kentucky under my supervision during September last:

During the month I visited the fortifications at Louisville, Frankfort, Camp Nelson, Lexington, Mount Sterling, and, on the 25th of August, Lousa, and gave the necessary instruction in relation to the site of the defenses and the character of the forts to be constructed. All are being carried forward with as much expedition and economy as possible, and by detached laborers from the soldiery, except at Frankfort, where there is a single redoubt being thrown up by citizen laborers under State pay, under my supervision, and at Louisville, where the laborers are paid by the United States, under my direction.

Mr. John R. Gilliss, assistant U. S. engineer, in charge of the fortifications at Louisville, Camp Nelson, and Frankfort, reports as follows:


Fort McPherson. -Parapet finished except curtain in rear; ditches and glacis nearly finished; nine embrasures finished; seven platforms laid; postern to cavalier battery finished; magazine finished and covered; one traverse finished, the other half done; terre-plain nearly all leveled, and revetment of plank two-THIRDs done-1,200 feet linear.

Fort Numbers 2. -Parapet three-quarters done; magazine excavated.

Fort Numbers 3. -Parapet very nearly finished; revetment finished; two embrasures and their platforms finished. Magazine commenced and entirely completed during the month. Inside earth-work of fort finished.

Fort Numbers 4. -Parapet two-THIRDs done.

Fort Numbers 5. -Parapet one-quarter done.

Map three-quarters done.

The force has averaged 400 hired white laborers, 20 hired free negroes, and 30 prisoners sentenced to work on fortifications.


Fort Bramlette. -Five embrasures cut; eleven embrasures revetted with fascines; FIFTY fascines made; terre-plain graded and sills laid for sixteen platforms; 200 yards additional excavated in ditch; cistern dug and stone dressed to line it. Average working force, FIFTY hired free negroes.


Fort Boone. -Revetment finished; parapet three-fourths done; ditch one-half done; embrasures and platforms one-half finished; magazine finished, except earth covering; heavy brush fraise finished. The working force in the first part of the month was about 100 negroes, impressed by the State of Kentucky, and 50 prisoners from the U. S. military prisons; the latter alone have been at work for the past ten days.

Mr. W. A. Gunn, assistant U. S. engineer, in charge at Lexington and Mount Sterling, reports:


There have been in all 460 days' work, of ten hours each, upon the new fort at Lexington. At the beginning of the month the work was up to the tread of the banquette, but not full or tramped. It was soon after well tramped with horses, and afterward filled up half a foot higher all around, besides the shrinkage. The revetment has been set around three-fourths of its length, and some earth thrown