War of the Rebellion: Serial 079 Page 0168 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. G. A. Chapter LI.

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Rome, Ga., October 9, 1864.

Captain L. D. Bennett will proceed with his Company D, Thirty-ninth Iowa Infantry Volunteers, to the bridge on Rome and Kingston Railroad, six miles from this place. Upon arriving at the point above designated he will establish his camp, fortifying and picketing in the best possible manner, and immediately make preparations for patrolling the Etowah River, observing the following general instructions: Pass a patrol of one non- commissioned officer and three men up the river until they connect with the patrol of Company C, Sixty-sixth Illinois Volunteers, from above, every two hours, and a similar patrol down the river until they meet with cavalry or infantry patrols from below. The object of this is to watch for the enemy on opposite side of river, and if discovered you will communicate the fact to these headquarters, with the utmost dispatch, and keep him from crossing; also, if possible, notify the force above, in order that you may co-operate, uniting your forces and preventing the enemy from crossing. It is advisable that you have an understanding with the officer in command of the company above named, in order that a system of action may be established. Cavalry patrols will also from time to time move up and down the river, and you can transmit any information necessary by a courier therefrom. Provide your command with three days' rations.

By order of John M. Corse, brigadier-general, commanding:


Captain and Assistant Adjutant-General.



In the Field, Ga., October 9, 1864.

By a rapid movement the enemy has succeeded in destroying a portion of the railroad upon which this army depends for subsistence, hoping hereby to relieve Atlanta, demoralize and destroy our army. He has, however, been most signally foiled, and it only remains for us to show him our indomitable courage and energy. The commanding general has called upon this corps for a detail of 1,500 men, selected for their strength, activity, and zeal to repair the injuries to our line of communications, and in order that every DIVISION, brigade, and regiment may have an opportunity to participate in this glorious work, it is ordered:

I. That DIVISION commanders detail 500 men from their respective DIVISION, pro rata from each regiment, to report at 6. 30 a. m. to- morrow at Big Shanty.

II. An efficient officer will be sent in command of the detail from each regiment, and a field officer will be sent in command of the detail from each DIVISION.

III. Colonel B. F. Potts, commanding First Brigade, Fourth DIVISION, will command the entire force under such instructions as he may hereafter receive from these headquarters.

IV. Every horse and mule in the possession of any officer or soldier of this command not entitled by regulations and orders to the same, will at once be seized and turned into the chief quartermaster at these headquarters. DIVISION commanders will cause a thorough inspection to be made with a view to the enforcement of this order, and will report to these headquarters the number of animals thus secured by the 11th instant.

By command of Brigadier General T. E. G. Ransom:


Assistant Adjutant-General.