War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0807 Chapter LI. NORTH Georgia AND NORTH ALABAMA.

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October 10. -General Hood's headquarters for the night at Coosaville, ten miles southwest of Rome, Ga.

October 11. -General Hood's headquarters for the night at Armuchee Post-Office, fourteen miles above Coosaville, ten miles northwest of Rome, Ga.

October 12. -Headquarters at Sugar Valley Post-Office, eighteen miles from Armuchee.

October 13. -Demanded surrender of Dalton, Ga., which was at first refused, afterward acceded to, about 4 p. m. Headquarters for the night at Dalton. Major Falconer wounded on Mill Creek.

October 14. -Headquarters Villanow, fifteen miles from Dalton.

October 15 and 16. -Headquarters at cross-roads, nine miles south of La Fayette.

October 17. -Headquarters three miles from the forks of Alpine and Gaylesville and Alpine and Summerville roads.

October 18. -Headquarters half a mile from Little River, near major Daniels'.

October 19. -Headquarters fourteen miles from Gadsden, Ala.

October 20-21. -Headquarters Gadsden, Ala. On the 21st an issue of shoes and clothing was made to the army.

October 22. -Headquarters three miles and a half WEST of Bennettsville.

October 23. -Headquarters Brooksville.

October 24. -Left Brooksville at 7 a. m., taking the right-hand road leading to Somerville, Ala. Marched to Blue Creek Church, Morgan County, twenty-two miles, where headquarters for the night were established, nine miles from Somerville. Stewart's corps camped on same road, the head of the column resting two miles in advance of General Hood's headquarters. Lee's corps went into camp in rear of Stewart. Cheatham's corps took the left-hand road at Brooksville.

October 25. -Arrived at Somerville at 11 a. m., and established headquarters. Stewart's corps camped immediately around town. Walthall's and Loring's DIVISIONS on the Somerville and Decatur road and French's DIVISION on the east side. Lee's corps occupied the same camp near Blue Spring Church that Stewart's corps occupied lat night. Cheatham's corps camped about two miles WEST of town on the Cedar Plains road.

October 26. -Moved from Somerville at 9 a. m. on Somerville and Decatur road to Mr. Scruggs' house, four miles from Decatur, thence across to Decatur and Danville road. Headquarters established about 7 p. m. at house of General Garth, two miles from Decatur. Cheatham's corps marched on Danville road and camped two miles and a half from Decatur. Stewart's corps marched on the Decatur and Somerville road and bivouacked in front of town of Decatur. General Lee's corps marched through Somerville, and camped four miles beyond that place on Decatur road.

October 27. -Headquarters at General Garth's house. General Cheatham's corps moved into position in front of Decatur. General Lee marched on Courtland road to McDaniel's Mill. General Beauregard arrived at army headquarters from Gadsden.

October 28. -Headquarters at General Garth's house. Lee's corps marched from McDaniel's Mill to within three miles of Courtland. Stewart and Cheatham near Decatur.

October 29. -Headquarters moved from General Garth's house near Decatur to Courtland. Lee's corps marched to Leighton Post-Office, thirteen miles from Courtland. Stewart's corps marched from Decatur to a point three miles from Courtland, Cheatham following Stewart's corps.