War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0794 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.

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Tuesday, November 1. -March at 6 a. m. for Resaca. Halt there an hour and march to Tilton, where we are to take cars for Nashville and thence to Pulaski, on the Nashville and Decatur road. Go into camp at 4 p. m., and make platforms, &c., for loading artillery, horses, &c. Second DIVISION stops at Resaca to take cars there. No definite news where Hood is, but, from our orders, we suppose he has crossed the Tennessee.

Wednesday, November 2. -A rainy night last night and steady rain this morning. No trains ready, and we are waiting impatiently in the mud. 9. 45 a. m., orders received to move to Dalton, where cars will come for us to-morrow; wind in the east. 4 p. m., reached Dalton after a muddy, tiresome march, though the distance was only ten miles. Get better camping ground than we had at Tilton, however. Second DIVISION passes us, and we learn that cars are not being furnished as rapidly as was expected.

Thursday, November 3. -No trains yet. A rainy, gusty day, cold and disagreeable; one of the days when the smoke from the camp-fires fills your eyes whichever side of the fire you get. Dalton has been almost destroyed by the different armies which have been in it. Houses have been torn down, many being first stripped of the clap-boarding to make bunks, &c., for the soldiers, and the remainder gradually destroyed for firewood and the like. It was manifestly a pretty town once, and in a beautiful situation.

Friday, November 4. -Remain at Dalton waiting for cars. Storm continues, becoming more gusty. Hear that Hood has not yet crossed the Tennessee. Cars all engaged in forwarding stores to Atlanta and bringing back surplus artillery, &c. ; consequently we have to wait. General Schofield goes on to Nashville in advance. In interval of the storm ride out and visit the old lines before Dalton, the scene of our operations on 9th and 10th of May, one of the most satisfactory visits to old scenes I have made; the rebel position was impregnable.

Saturday, November 5. -Cars reported to be sent for us from Chattanooga, but they do not arrive. Weather still unsettled. * * * Hood made a demonstration on Decatur, but was repulsed and then moved farther down the Tennessee, probably to obtain a crossing near Florence.

Sunday, November 6. -Reilly's brigade starts by rail for Nashville. Hard rains continue. Troops are destroying a good many deserted and partially ruined houses to obtain fuel.

Monday, November 7. -Henderson's and Casement's brigade start; I go with latter. Reach Chattanooga just before dark. * * *

Tuesday, November 8. -Made but eight miles during night. Grand scenery between Lookout Mountain and Bridgeport. Stop at Stevenson for rations. Pass Cumberland Mountain summit after dark. Get report that rebels are repulsed from Johnsonville, on the Tennessee River, at terminus of Northwestern railroad, but the garrison foolishly destroyed great quantities of stores, steam-boats, &c.

Wednesday, November 9. -Reach Nashville 9 a. m. Call on General Schofield and receive orders. Get off at 5 p. m. on train and go to Franklin, where we are delayed by accident on the road ahead of us, making it necessary to clear the track of a wreck before we can proceed. The wreck is beyond Spring Hill. Delay all night. We have only made nineteen miles from Nashville. Drenching rain.

Thursday, November 10. -Get under way a little before noon and go to Thompson's Station, nine miles. Reilly has reached Spring Hill, three miles farther. Headquarters in dooryard of Mrs. Banks, whose