War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0790 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.

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try people report rebel force gone westward by way of Jonesborough. Prepare to send sick and extra baggage to Atlanta with a view to moving northeast to cover railroad from Atlanta to Marietta. Our quiet rest seems to be ended and a new campaign to open.

Monday, October 3. -Ordered to move and break camp, but the order is countermanded before we were fairly started. Extra baggage sent to Atlanta, however, and everything held in readiness for sudden movement. Further reports indicate that the enemy does not hold as threatening a position in regard to our communications as was supposed. The past four weeks have rested the army, and, if the weather permits, we shall be ready for work. Headquarters have been well situated in dooryard of Mrs. Williams. * * *

Tuesday, October 4. -Last night received orders to march at daybreak for Chattahoochee railroad bridge. Had a hard march, via Buck Head. The bridge over Peach Tree Creek gone, and we had to take a by-road, crossing farther down. Reached Chattahoochee at 2 p. m. Telegraphed to General Sherman at Smyrna Camp Ground. Moved head of column across pontoon and up the river to Pace's Ferry and Marietta road, building a bridge over a creek filled by back water from the Chattahoochee, which is high. Enemy burning railroad at Big Shanty.

Wednesday, October 5. -March at daybreak. The bridge built last night partly destroyed by further rise of river, and we have to rebuild. At Vining's Station I march the men up the railroad to Marietta, the artillery and trains going by the common road from Chattahoochee bridge, which there joins the one from Pace's Ferry, and which is crowded with trains of Army of the Tennessee. We got through, however, and pass three miles beyond the town, camping a mile beyond Kenesaw Mountain, on the Marietta and Acworth road. Enemy burned railroad to Allatoona, and attacked there, but were repulsed.

Thursday, October 6. -March at 9 o'clock, via Pine Mountain, to Sandtown road and make reconnaissance in all directions; on the right nearly to Acworth, in front to Allatoona Church, on the left nearly to Lost Mountain, and to Hardshell Church. The enemy have retreated south beyond Lost Mountain. Here we are on our camping ground from June 10 to 19. Find it interesting to trace our old course. General Cooper, with Second DIVISION, in advance to-day. A little skirmishing on the Lost Mountain road only. Encamp for night where we first struck Sandtown road.

Friday, October 7. -Casement's brigade sent to Allatoona to open communication with the garrison, who were attacked by French's DIVISION, of Stewart's corps, on 5th, and repulsed them after a bloody fight. Send Love's brigade on reconnaissance beyond Allatoona Church, and go with Bond's brigade one mile and a half south of Foster's, where we made headquarters on 3rd of June. The brigade then supports cavalry reconnaissance to New Hope Church. I visited Foster's and rode over the old lines, both of the rebels and of our own forces, in the vicinity. The rebels destroyed about five miles of road, and the storm has destroyed the bridges over Chattahoochee, Etowah, Oostenaula (Resaca), and near Ringgold.

Saturday, October 8. -Ordered to be ready to move at daybreak, but marching orders did not come till noon, when we were ordered to Allatoona. Made the march, about twelve miles, in four hours, and encamped in front of the fortifications. Examined condition of Captain Saunders' grave. Found it on northwest slope of first rise of ground southeast of the forts, in the village graveyard. Put new and plainly marked head-board, and trimmed up the grave.