War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0634 Chapter LI. KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA.

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Shoal Creek, seven miles from Florence; First and THIRD Brigades north of creek, Second Brigade and battery south. Two prisoners captured of Fifth Tennessee Cavalry. Rations issued to command. Headquarters at Mr. John Alexander's house.

October 6. -Cavalry outpost driven in during the night. Morning clear and fine. Cavalry started for Florence, but were driven back at Mrs. Huff's house. Sixtieth Illinois was then deployed; First and THIRD Brigades to support, and the rebels were driven steadily back. One regiment of Second Brigade and one section of artillery brought up two miles in the rear. The line moved steadily on to Florence, where we ascertained Forrest had crossed the night before; halted until 3 p. m., and marched back to Shoal Creek. Headquarters not changed. A captain from Second Michigan reported Rousseau twenty-five miles up Shoal Creek on the Federal road.

October 7. -Received orders from General Rousseau at 11 a. m. to move DIVISION to Florence; all ordered to move at 1 p. m. -THIRD Brigade, battery, Second Brigade, First Brigade, Sixtieth Illinois rear guard. At Florence by dark, where we met Generals Rousseau, Johnson, and Steedman; some Confederates reported down the river.

October 8. -Rousseau and his troops all started down the river; DIVISION remained in camp. Captain Orr started a mill grinding corn. General Morgan and staff rode out to Cypress Creek October 9.

October 9, Sunday. -General Morgan, Captains Wiseman, Race, and Lieutenant Prosser visited Jackson's Ferry, where the First Brigade crossed in August, 1862. Generals Rousseau, Johnston, Washburn, and Prince arrived this evening.

October 10. -DIVISION moved at 6 a. m. -Second Brigade, battery, First Brigade, THIRD Brigade, Second Tennessee Cavalry advance and rear; marched nineteen miles; camped Second Creek; headquarters at Moses Ingram's house.

October 11. -DIVISION moved at 6 a. m. ; march as yesterday, save that the Second Brigade is in the rear; cavalry as yesterday; marched eighteen miles; camped on Six-Mile Creek; headquarters at Mr. Pierre Farrer's house.

October 12. -DIVISION moved at 7 a. m., First Brigade in rear; cavalry in front and rear; arrived at Athens (eight miles) at 11 a. m. ; general found orders to go to Bridgeport with all possible speed; DIVISION halted one mile and a half east of town for dinner, where General Thomas' dispatch, stating that transportation would be sent to this place for us, was received.

October 13. -Three trains arrived during the night, and railroad repaired by One hundred and twenty-fifth Illinois; First Brigade loaded and left on three trains (thirty-seven cars) at 10 a. m. ; by 3 p. m. the Second Brigade and part of THIRD left.

October 14. -Balance of THIRD Brigade, with battery and headquarters, left Athens at 3 a. m. ; arrived at Huntsville for breakfast; at Stevenson at 10 a. m. ; detained till 3 p. m. ; arrived at Chattanooga at 9. 30 p. m. ; DIVISION all here; General Thomas so informed.

October 15. -One regiment from THIRD Brigade (FIFTY-second Ohio) sent to Rossville at 11 a. m. ; the day spent in getting supplies for the troops; orders in the evening from General Schofield to go by railroad to Ringgold in the morning; regiment at Rossville ordered in at sunrise.

October 16, Sunday. -Second and THIRD Brigades ordered to depot at 9 a. m. ; order changed, and troops remained in camp; received orders at 8 p. m. for the DIVISION to move at daylight to Trenton.