War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0608 Chapter LI. KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA.

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the command. 4. 15 p. m., received dispatch from Major Sinclair, at Chattanooga, stating that Whitaker's DIVISION left that place at 1 p. m. to-day for Athens, per railroad; that one brigade of Wagner's DIVISION will start this evening and the other two to- morrow, with the artillery, to come by the same route. 4. 20 p. m., General Stanley telegraphed General Thomas at Nashville as follows:

I have just arrived at this place with Wood's DIVISION, the smallest of the corps, with muskets only. Athens was evacuated two hours after I left by your order yesterday. I can tell nothing of Whitaker's and Wagner's DIVISIONS, excepting that they left Chattanooga. There is no preparation here for defense. I have no news from Croxton and no means of judging of the enemy's position.

5 p. m., sent dispatch to General Grose to move on at once from Stevenson by cars. Received copies of dispatches sent from General Thomas, which were sent from Pulaski toward Athens by courier, and which were not received by General Stanley; following is the substance of them: 6 p. m., received dispatch from General Thomas, dated Nashville, October 31, 3 p. m., directing orders be sent to have our supply train via Decherd; that the artillery be escorted to this point by our rear DIVISION, and that our ordnance officer and commissary of subsistence draw supplies from Nashville. 6 p. m., received [dated November 1, 5 p. m.] from General Thomas, as follow:

Major-General STANLEY:

Your two dispatches of this date, announcing your arrival at Pulaski and an application for medical stores, are received. The stores will be sent to-morrow. Granger evacuated Athens yesterday after you left, as he says by your advice. I ordered him to reoccupy it immediately, which I suppose he has done. Whitaker's and Wagner's troops have left Chattanooga, and some of them should reach you to-morrow. Assume command at Pulaski by my order. Make dispositions for the defense of the place. General Sherman will send me Schofield, whose troops I will endeavor to give you in four days. Your artillery is coming up with Wagner. If General Hatch has left Pulaski send a staff officer after him and bring him and his command back. I telegraphed him [yesterday] at Pulaski to halt there and cooperate with Croxton. I do not understand why he did not acknowledge its receipt. Say to General Hatch that I am authorized by General Sherman to delay him. Acknowledge receipt of this dispatch, and always report the hour and date of your dispatches to me.

7 p. m., telegraphed Major Sinclair, Chattanooga, to send our supply train, with the brigade guarding it, via Decherd and Fayetteville, unless they have passed Stevenson, in such case them by way of Huntsville and Fayetteville. 7. 30 p. m., General Hatch reported with his command, 2,500 cavalry. He was directed to remain at Pulaski and to scout well down on the roads leading to Florence and toward Athens. In addition to Wood's DIVISION, of the Fourth Corps, and Hatch's command, there are four regiments of cavalry here, Colonel Spalding's brigade. 9 p. m., General Rousseau telegraphed from Columbia, Tenn., that he has been ordered by General Thomas to assist General Stanley in case of a fight with Hood, and that he is ready to do so.


November 2. -General Stanley assumes command of Pulaski and the forces in the vicinity, and places Colonel Pace in command of the post (Colonel Pace, Tenth Indiana Cavalry). 7 a. m., received note from Colonel Waters, dated Athens, November 1, stating that he had arrived there with the THIRD Brigade and two regiments of Second Brigade of First DIVISION, Fourth Corps, at 7 a. m., and that General Whitaker is on the way with the rest of the DIVISION, but has been delayed. He says it is reported that Russell's rebel brigade of cavalry is near Larkinsville for the purpose of tearing up the railroad between there and