War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0604 Chapter LI. KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA.

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and that he will now, in accordance with suggestions made by Major- General Stanley, assume command of the Fourth Corps. General Stanley has been commanding both the Army of the Cumberland (during General Thomas' absence) and the Fourth Corps. The command of the latter is now turned over to General Wood. Troops remained quietly in camp to-day, preparations being made for the march in accordance with Special Field Orders, Numbers 93, headquarters Military DIVISION of the Mississippi. 6 p. m., received Special Field Orders, [Numbers 94,] of which following is a copy: *

7 p. m., published order of the day for to-morrow, October 18: This army to march at daylight; the Fourth Corps to lead, the Fourteenth to follow, to move as indicated in the foregoing Special Field Orders.

October 18. -6 a. m., this army started on the march through Ship's Gap for Summerville. 11. 30 a. m., our head of column runs into the Army of the Tennessee at the point where the road on which we are moving intersects the road upon which it is moving, about eight miles from Summerville. A halt is ordered. 1 p. m., have found another road to the left of the road upon which we are moving, running along the base of Taylor's Ridge, and our column is just moving over to get upon it. 5 p. m., reach Foster's house, near Chattooga River, about six miles from Summerville. Here we go into camp for the night. During to-day we have marched twenty-four miles. 11. 55 p. m., received Special Field Orders. [Numbers 96,] of which following is a copy: *

11. 55 p. m., published orders directing this army to move for Summerville, via Penn's Ford (Chattooga Creek), and to start at daylight in the morning, General Davis' corps (Fourteenth) to lead and Fourth Corps to follow. General Davis was also instructed to send his pioneers ahead of his column to bridge the creek at the ford for the passage of infantry.


October 19. -6 a. m., the troops started in accordance with orders. Made a fine foot bridge over Chattooga River at a point where it is 700 feet wide. Crossed and run into the Army of the Tennessee about three miles from Summerville at the point where our road intersected the Alabama road, the road upon which said army was moving. 9 a. m., halted to let the Army of the Tennessee pass, and resumed the march at 3. 30 p. m. 5 p. m., reached Summerville, and troops going into camp. Will not move from here until further orders are received from General Sherman. No enemy found. It is reported that Hood's army is rapidly marching for Blue Mountain, and is to-day twenty-five miles south of Summerville. 8. 30 a. m., received Special Field Orders, [Numbers 97,] of which following is a copy: *

9 p. m., published order of march: The Fourth Corps to lead, Fourteenth Corps to follow. Will march directly on Gaylesville; start at 6. 30 a. m.


October 20. -Left camp at 7 a. m., Fourth Army Corps leading, Fourteenth Corps following. Nothing of importance occurred on the march. 3 p. m., head of column reached a point one mile north of Gaylesville.


* For full text of orders (here omitted), see Part III.