War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0603 Chapter LI. NORTH Georgia AND NORTH ALABAMA.

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Fourth Corps leading, started for the march over the hill and mountain. Ammunition has just been issued so as to give sixty rounds per man. 2. 20 p. m., received dispatch from Colonel Watkins, commanding cavalry brigade, three miles from Tunnel Hill. He says there are no rebels in Buzzard Roost Gap, and that they did not go to Tunnel Hill, but made their way out through Nickajack Gap. Citizens report that are trying to go to Tunnel Hill. At once sent this dispatch to General Sherman, and he received it at 4. 45 p. m. 2. 25 p. m., directed all trains, ambulances, and artillery accompanying us to move back to Resaca, and for a brigade of Wood's DIVISION, Fourth Corps, to accompany them as a guard. 4 p. m., on the mountain. Received dispatch from General Sherman, stating that the rebels have left the mouth of Snake Creek Gap; that it is blockaded with felled timber, and that the Army of the Tennessee is working through it. Also, for General Stanley (if the rebels have gone north) to send all of his trains and artillery across the mountain, through Dug Gap or Buzzard Roost Gap; if they have turned south do not take the trains over the mountain. 6 p. m., the Fourth Corps has worked over the mountain and has come out in Snake Creek Gap. The Fourteenth Corps has gone into camp for the night on the mountain. Orders have just been sent to bring our trains and artillery through Snake Creek Gap in the morning, and to bring up the commissary train to-night and issue to the troops. (These trains were brought up and the troops were issued to before morning.) 12 midnight, received the following Special Field Orders, [Numbers 92]: *


October 16. -7. 30 a. m., in accordance with General Sherman's orders this army commenced to march, the Fourteenth Corps leading. 8 a. m., received dispatch sent from General Sherman at 4. 45 p. m., yesterday, stating-

I want General Stanley and all troops to move through Snake Creek Gap with ambulances, cattle, salt, and bread.

To the messenger who brought this note General Sherman said the enemy was moving off south and he wished General Stanley to hurry up. 10 a. m., General Sherman directs this army to march through the woods and the trains along the road. The pioneers are now cutting a road for this purpose, and this column is marching abreast with the column of the Army of the Tennessee. 2 p. m., reached Villanow. 3. 45 p. m., reached the mouth of Ship's Gap, and, in accordance with verbal instructions from General Sherman, went into camp, massing both corps (Fourteenth and Fourth) on the left-hand side of the road leading from Villanow to the gap. The greater part of the Army of the Tennessee passed through the gap. Had some skirmishing and captured a number of prisoners. From the top of the mountain the enemy's rear guard could be seen passing through La Fayette, moving south. It is supposed that the enemy is now rapidly moving back in the direction of Blue Mountain and Talladega, Ala.

October 17. -8 a. m., received Special Field Orders, [Numbers 93,] of which the following is a copy: *

10 a. m., Brigadier General T. J. Wood, commanding THIRD DIVISION, Fourth Army Corps, called at headquarters and reported that his wound was now in such condition as to enable him to do active service in the field,


* For full text of orders (here omitted), see Part III.