War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0602 Chapter LI. KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA.

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11. 30 a. m., reached Resaca. The enemy made a feeble attack on this post yesterday afternoon and he was easily repulsed. He (the enemy) is now on the railroad between Resaca and Dalton tearing it up and burning the ties. Thus far the enemy has been marching not over fifteen miles per day. 12. 30 p. m., sent instructions to General Kilpatrick, commanding THIRD Cavalry DIVISION, by telegraph from Resaca, in care of General Corse, at Rome, in accordance with the note received from General Sherman at 8 p. m. yesterday. 3 p. m., the Fourth Corps camped about three miles north of Resaca, near our old battle-ground. 6. 30 p. m., Fourteenth Corps camped on the south bank of the river, near the railroad bridge at Resaca. Reconnaissances this afternoon show that the enemy occupies Snake Creek Gap with Lee's corps and the gaps beyond Dalton (Buzzard Roost) with two corps. We have marched thirty-five miles during the past twenty-four hours and rested seven [hours], from 9 p. m. last night until 4 o'clock this a. m.


October 15. -12. 30 a. m., received Special Field Orders, [No. 91,] of which following is a copy: *

12. 45 a. m., sent order to General Davis to march the Fourteenth Corps this morning so as to be at the point where the Fourth Corps is now camped at 7 a. m., and join it in the march for the "hill. " The Fourth Corps will lead, the Fourteenth follow. 4. 30 a. m., received instructions from General Sherman to-

Put a brigade on the top of the hill early, and after guarding the flanks let the skirmishers down into the valley. Get a good look- out. As soon as the enemy discovers a force above him he will let go the gap.

6 a. m., published the order of march: The Fourth Corps to march at 7 a. m., directly toward the hill, the First DIVISION leading, and the Fourteenth Corps to join the Fourth by moving by another road from Resaca, at the base of the hill. The First DIVISION, Fourth

Corps, to lead, and all trains to follow the corps. A staff officer sent to guide the Fourteenth Corps. A guide will lead the Fourth Corps to the hill. 7 a. m., the troops of Fourth Corps start on the march. 8. 30 a. m., received note from General Sherman, stating that the enemy, at 3 a. m., still occupied Snake Creek Gap, and he directs General Stanley to move as quick as possible for the Rome road (which lies by the base of the hills or mountains) around by the head of Camp Creek, and let Davis close up on the Fourth Corps. He also stated that "it may be, if the enemy have seen our force, they are off," and if he does leave Snake Creek Gap it will not be necessary for this army to cross the hill. 9. 20 a. m., our advance reaches the Rome road. 9. 45 a. m., Colonel Bennett's brigade, of First DIVISION, Fourth Corps, stated up the hill. It is two miles to the top of the mountain beyond the hill (the point he will try to gain). 12. 50 p. m., received instructions from General Sherman to push on toward Villanow, on the other side of the mountain; not to work down toward Snake Creek Gap, "along the back of the mountain," but to keep crossing the Fourth and Fourteenth Corps, closing down toward the WEST end of the gap, which is about two miles from Villanow. 1 p. m., sent instructions to Major-General Davis and to DIVISION commanders Fourth Corps to issue extra ammunition, so as to have sixty rounds per man, and to make immediate preparations to move without a wheeled vehicle. 2. 20 p. m., the


* For full text of orders (here omitted), see Part III.