War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0601 Chapter LI. NORTH Georgia AND NORTH ALABAMA.

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via Woodlands, and to start from camp at daylight. The trains will follow the troops in the same order as the order of march. 6 a. m., this army commenced to march in the order indicated. Much confusion existed in the crossing of columns in the march. It was therefore 11 a. m. before the head of the column of Fourteenth Corps reached the Woodlands, which place is as far from Rome as Kingston is. 3. 40 p. m., reached the Hermitage (on the Calhoun and Rome roads, nine miles from Rome) with the head of column of Fourteenth Corps. 6 p. m., head of column reached a point about three miles from Rome. Here the troops are going into camp. 9 p. m., received Special Field Orders, [Numbers 90,] of which the following is a copy: *

9. 30 p. m., sent order in accordance with Special Field Orders, Numbers 99, headquarters Military DIVISION of the Mississippi, to corps commanders. A copy was sent to General Elliott direct. 12 p. m., the most of the army in camp and still coming. Camp three miles from Rome, Calhoun road. The march to-day has been most fatiguing. For more than half of the day the troops have not been moving on account of having been cut off and run into by other troops and by trains near Kingston. To-day's march has been over twenty miles. The supply train of this army could not leave Kingston until 6 p. m., and will not be up with the troops before 7 a. m. to-morrow.


October 13. -8. 30 a. m., received instructions from General Sherman to send one regiment back on the Calhoun road toward Adairsville as a reconnoitering or observing party. General Davis was at once directed to send the regiment from his command. Hood's forces have taken Resaca and he may move down toward Kingston. This regiment is to observe his movements. Hood's designs are unknown to General Sherman. 2 p. m., received note from General Sherman, of which following is a copy:

March for Resaca at once, taking the road by McGuire's. I have heard from Colonel Raum that he holds the place.

2. 10 p. m., ordered the army to march at once for Resaca, the Fourth Corps to lad, the Fourteenth Corps to follow; trains to follow the corps; troops to march on the Calhoun road. 2. 30 p. m., head of column of Fourth Army Corps starting. 8 p. m., received note from General Sherman instructing General Stanley to direct General Kilpatrick to guard our roads from Kingston to the Chattahoochee as well as possible with the force he has, and to keep up an efficient system of scouting to Dallas and Stilesborough; also to give timely information of any movements of the enemy to commanding officers at Atlanta, Marietta, Cartersville, and Kingston. 9 p. m., head of column reached a point on the Calhoun road sixteen miles from Rome, thirteen miles from our last camp, about fifteen miles from Resaca. Here the Fourth Corps went into camp. The Fourteenth Corps went into camp about three miles in rear of Fourth at about 11 p. m. Firing heard this afternoon in direction of Resaca.


October 14. -In accordance with orders given last night this army marched this morning, the Fourteenth Corps at 4 a. m., and the Fourth Corps at 4. 30 a. m. ; the Fourth Corps being in the advance took the lead.


* For full text of orders (here omitted), see Part III.