War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0600 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.

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that this army will cross the Etowah to-night, if possible. 4. 45 p. m., received dispatch from General Sherman, who is at Cartersville, telling General Stanley-

It is very important you should make all speed possible. March till the moon sets, and get this side of the Etowah, and to-morrow we must reach Rome, if possible.

4. 50 p. m,. received dispatch from General Sherman, telling General Stanley-

I want you to get your command this die of the Etowah to-night.

5 p. m., telegraphed General Sherman-

The Fourth Corps will soon be here. I will get the army over to- night. Have sent to hurry Davis up. What news from Rome?



5. 10 p. m., head of column Fourth Corps has arrived at Allatoona, and the troops will pass through as soon as possible. 5. 20 p. m., received dispatch from General Sherman, at Cartersville, as follows:

Hood is all across the Coosa, and General Corse reported him about 2 p. m., advancing in three columns, but since his telegrams are less alarming. I don't think Hood will attack Rome if we reach Kingston by noon to-morrow, or if he does he must cross to this side of the Etowah and we would have him at great advantage. He may meant o go up to La Fayette, &c., but where he will get his grub is a question. His whole movement is inexplicable to any common-sense theory. At Kingston we will be in position to watch him better than anywhere else. I have ordered Corse to hold Rome to the death, and am therefore bound to hasten to his assistance. *

8. 30 p. m., the Fourth Corps has crossed the Etowah and marched to Cartersville, eleven miles from Acworth, and is now going into camp. Instead of stopping at Allatoona with the supply train Colonel Hayes, chief quartermaster of the Fourth Corps, is coming through the pass, contrary to directions, and is therefore delaying the Fourteenth Corps, which will not be in until late. 12 m., the Fourteenth Corps crossing the Etowah River and going into camp. Orders of the day for to-morrow, October 11; The Fourth Corps will march at daylight direct for Kingston, the Fourteenth Corps, will follow, and the trains will follow the corps.


October 11. - 5. 30 a. m., troops started on the march, Fourth Corps leading, followed by the Fourteenth, and trains following the corps in same order as the order of march. 12 m., head of column reaches Kingston. General Sherman here directed General Stanley to put the Army of the Cumberland in camp around the town, and that we would remain here until further developments of the enemy's designs. The troops were put in camp as fast as they reached the vicinity of Kingston. General Kilpatrick, commanding cavalry DIVISION reports this afternoon that General Beauregard has joined Hood's army, and it is supposed for the purpose of taking command of it. He also reports that the enemy is marching for Blue Mountain.


October 12. - 2 a. m., received Special Field Orders, [Numbers 89.] of which the following is a copy: +

2. 25 a. m., published order of the day for to-day, October 12; The Fourteenth Corps to lead, followed by the Fourth. To march to Rome,


*For version of this dispatch as recorded in Sherman's letter- book, see Part III.

+For full text of orders (here omitted), see Part III.