War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0595 Chapter LI. RAIDS INTO SOUTHWESTERN VIRGINIA.

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etta) to move to Kenesaw and near there, as "Marietta is a place at essential. " 11. 20 a. m., received dispatch from General Sherman to General Stanley saying- "Develop Hood's plans. Keep infantry well in hand, and I will keep the Armies of the Ohio and Tennessee ready to start at a moment's notice. " 11. 25 a. m. the corps crossing the Chattahoochee River. 2 p. m., received Special Field Orders, [Numbers 83.], of which the following is a copy: *

2. 30 p. m. the two DIVISIONS (First and THIRD) of the Fourth Corps arrived at Smyrna Camp-Ground and took up a position as indicated in the above order, the right resting where the works occupied by the enemy on the 4th of July last crosses the Marietta and Atlanta dirt road and railroad, and the line in its general direction facing nearly west. Three brigades in line of battle and three in reserve. 5 p. m., an officer (staff) reported from General Vandever, says that General V[andever] sent scouts out ten miles WEST of Marietta, but he could find nothing, and General V[andever] wishes to know whether to remain in Marietta. Have not yet heard from Generals Davis or Elliott. Our telegraph operator cannot make the wire work between here (Smyrna Camp-Ground) and Atlanta, 6 p. m., General Davis reports that he has arrived at the Chattahoochee River bridge and cannot proceed any farther to-night; that he will go into camp, one DIVISION on this side of the river and one on the other. 6. 30 p. m. sent telegram to General Sherman, via Chattahoochee bridge, stating that we arrived here at 2. 20 p. m. ; have communicated with General Vandever; that General Davis is at Chattahoochee bridge and Elliott not yet heard from; also, "if Hood shows any disposition to turn east I (General Stanley) will move to Lost Mountain in the morning. " 11. 30 p. m., telegraph working. Received dispatch from General Vandever, at Marietta, who says that one of his scouts just in reports that citizens say that Hood had a large infantry force at Powder Springs this evening and is moving north toward Dallas, and has ten days' rations with him.


October 4. - 6. 10 a. m. telegraphed, to General Sherman the report of General Vandever's scout, and that General Elliott has not yet reported, and asking for information of Hood's whereabouts. We will not move from this point until we hear from General Elliott or of the whereabouts of General Hood, or get instructions to that effect from General Sherman. 8. 15 a. m. received dispatch from General Sherman stating that he heard from Elliott last night, who was on the Sandtown and Allatoona rod, and reported that he would push for Dallas to-day; that Hood is reported with infantry at Powder Springs and Dallas, and his cavalry is on our road above Marietta. He (Sherman) further states that he will be here to-day and move to Kenesaw. Cox and Howard moved at dayLight, and will march to Smyrna to-night, and send word to Vandever to move his force to Kenesaw and leave a picket in Marietta. 8. 30 a. m., sent word to General Vandever as above directed; also telegraphed Colonel Hayes to bring up train from Chattahoochee bridge to this place; also asked General Sherman, "Shall I (General Stanley) move to the WEST of Kenesaw and tell Davis to follow?" 9 a. m., General Vandever reports that the signal officer on Kenesaw Mountain says that a large force of the enemy is burning the railroad on both sides of Big Shanty. 9. 40 a. m., received dispatch from General Elliott, dated 6. 15 this morning, two miles from Powder Springs. He states


*For full text of orders (here omitted), see Part III.