War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0191 Chapter LI. EXPEDITION INTO MISSISSIPPI.

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Answer. Yes, sir; they advanced three times. Twice they were driven back and the THIRD time they drove us.

Question. Did you recover your original position after that?

Answer. No, sir; we did not.

Question. How many men did you have in the fight?

Answer. Exclusive of horse holders and including the artillery, about 1,150.

Question. How many men did you have in killed and wounded in the fight?

Answer. Twenty-two killed and 57 wounded.

Question. Did the enemy use any artillery against your line?

Answer. Yes, sir; they had one section, but it did not amount to anything.

Question. What was the amount of the attacking force of the enemy as far as you could judge?

Answer. I think my line was attacked, when it was driven back, by at least 4,000 infantry with muskets and bayonets. There was a double skirmish line.

Question. Was the other brigade attacked at that time?

Answer. Yes, sir.

Question. How far did they drive you back?

Answer. About 300 yards.

Question. Did the enemy make any effort to drive you still farther back?

Answer. We were relieved by the infantry and ordered to fall back before the enemy gathered for another attack.

Question. Was your last line in thick timber?

Answer. It was in very close young oak timber.

Question. What infantry relieved your brigade?

Answer. I do not know, sir.

Question. Did the infantry form on the same line that you were occupying?

Answer. Essentially so.

Question. How far to the right and left of the Baldwyn road did your last line extend?

Answer. That was very small, sir. I had not more than 400 or 500 men in line, and they were near the Baldwyn road and not engaged with the enemy. I held the line longer than I thought I ought to be required to do with the men I had, and could only do so by assuring the men that the infantry were near by.

Question. In what direction did you retire when you left that position?

Answer. I retired on the Ripley road. Most of the force went across the angle between that and the Baldwyn road.

Question. Did you receive any orders from General Grierson or General Sturgis when you fell back, in relation to the direction of your falling back?

Answer. My position was assigned me, I can't say whether by General Grierson or General Sturgis. They were together and I spoke to both.

Question. Did you see General Sturgis' escort in line on the left?

Answer. I saw them on the road to Baldwyn. They came up with the infantry and made a charge.