War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0189 Chapter LI. EXPEDITION INTO MISSISSIPPI.

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Question. Do you know of any other swamps between there and the cross-roads?

Answer. There are no swamps proper, but there is usually a plantation at each bottom, and the road across each bottom is through a narrow lane which is always very muddy in wet weather.

Question. Do you know of any road passing around this bottom near the Widow Chisholm's?

Answer. There is a good road going around it a half mile to the west, which avoids the swamp and crosses the creek on a good sandy road. This road is represented on the map.

Question. What creek runs through this swamp?

Answer. It is a small creek running southwest connecting with Willhite's Creek, which discharges itself into the Tallahatchie.

Question. Does the road from Ripley to Brice's Cross-Roads cross the Hatchie River at any place?

Answer. It does not.

Question. Is there any low place on the road which is properly called Hatchie Swamp or bottom?

Answer. There is not.

Question. What do you know about the quantity of corn in the region of country between Ripley and Guntown?

Answer. From Ripley to the cross-roads the corn is very scarce along the road, but south and east of the cross-roads there is plenty of corn and meat.

Question. How is it off the road five or six miles this side of the cross-roads?

Answer. On the north side I know of but one, and on the south side of but two persons having plenty of corn. Others have not more than enough for their bread.

Question. Do you know of any rebel camps near Brice's Cross-Roads?

Answer. They have regular cavalry camps in that vicinity on account of the corn and meat that is there.

At 4 p. m. the Board adjourned to meet Monday, the 18th, at 2 p. m.

MEMPHIS, TENN., July 18, 1864--2 p. m.

The Board met pursuant to adjournment.

Present, the members of the Board and the recorder.

The minutes of the preceding meeting were read and approved.

Colonel G. E. WARING duly sworn and examined.


Question. State your name, rank, and regiment; the length of time you have been in the service, and the position you occupied on the late expedition under General Sturgis.

Answer. George E. Waring, Jr. ; colonel Fourth Missouri Cavalry; I have been in the service since May 17, 1861; I commanded the First Brigade of the Cavalry DIVISION under General Grierson on the late expedition.

Question. How were your animals furnished with forage?

Answer. My cavalry horses were supplied with what little corn I could pick up on the road after sending from three to six miles for it. I brought in my supply train some oats, with which I fed the horses of the artillery.