War of the Rebellion: Serial 077 Page 0148 KY., SW. VA., TENN., MISS., ALA., AND N. GA. Chapter LI.

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Memphis, Tenn., June 28, 1864- 2 p. m.

The Board met pursuant to adjournment.

Present, the members of the Board and the recorder.

The minutes of the preceding session were read and approved.

A copy of a letter of instructions to Brigadier- General Sturgis containing the marching orders for his expedition (hereunto attached and marked Exhibit A) and a copy of the preliminary report of Brigadier- General Sturgis (hereunto attached and marked Exhibit B) were received from Major- General Washburn and read by the recorder.

The Board adjourned at 5 p. m. to meet at 2 p. m. to- morrow.

MEMPHIS, TENN., June 29, 1864.

The Board met pursuant to adjournment.

All of the members of the Board present, together with the recorder.

The proceeding of yesterday were read and approved.

Brigadier General S. D. STURGIS sworn and examined by the president of the Board:

Question. Please give your rank in the regular and volunteer army.

Answer. I am lieutenant- colonel of the Sixth Regular Cavalry and brigadier- general of volunteers.

Question. Under what orders did you report to General Washburn the last time you came here!

Answer. I reported in accordance with a telegraphic order from General Sherman to report for duty to General Washburn at Memphis. I do not recollect the exact date of the order.

Question. What was the date of your arrival!

Answer. I think I arrived about the 24th of May.

Question. On what day were you placed on duty, and what was the nature of that duty!

Answer. I was placed on duty on May 31, 1864, by Special Ordered Numbers 38, headquarters District of WEST Tennessee.

(A copy of which is herewith submitted and marked Exhibit C.)

Question. Please to examine a copy of your instructions, which I now hand you, marked Exhibit A, and state if it is a correct copy of your instructions from General Washburn.

Answer. I believe it is.

Question. Was the force mentioned in that letter of instructions organized by you, or were you placed in command after it was organized!

Answer. I had nothing to do whatever with its organization. It was organized and sent out from here, and I assumed command of it near La Fayette, Tenn., on the morning of June 1, 1864; La Fayette is about thirty-five miles from Memphis.

Question. On what day did you march, after assuming command!

Answer. The cavalry marched on the 1st of June in the afternoon, but the infantry portion of the command, with which I was, did not move until 3. 30 o'clock on the morning of the 2nd of June. The quartermaster of the expedition, with whom I was not acquainted and of whose official position as such I was unaware, I found had been expecting forage at a point on the railroad, which the cars could not reach, and had his wagons there ready to haul it away. This same forage I found on my arrival had come out upon the same train that I did, and I could not learn from any one in whose charge it was. I directed Colonel Waring to send for his teams and haul it to the camp, three miles distant. The quartermaster of the expedition was at this time waiting for this same forage at a point beyond the destroyed bridge. he afterward