War of the Rebellion: Serial 076 Page 0827 Chapter L. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC. - UNION.

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LOUDON, September 7, 1864.

Brigadier-General AMMEN:

By dispatch by courier from Major Reeves I learn that he is advised of Wheeler's movements. He says Wheeler's force was met and whipped by Rousseau near Manchester, Tenn., and the rebel disbanded. However, a portion of them was reported to be in the Sequatchie Valley, trying to make their way out, and that five regiments had been sent from Chattanooga to intercept them. Major Reeves says he will be ready for them. I will send courier and instructions to Major Reeves, as directed by your telegram this p.m.




Near Rough and Ready, Ga., September 7, 1864.

Orders of the day for the Fourth Army Corps:

The troops of this corps will march for Atlanta to-morrow. General Kimball's division will lead, followed by General Wood's, then General Newton's. The head of the column will start at 7 a.m. precisely. A section of rifled guns will accompany General Newton's division.* The trains will start at 4 a.m., and they will be conducted by Captain Schoeninger, assistant chief quartermaster. First, will move the supply train, then hospital train and ambulances, then the ammunition. The artillery of the corps will follow the trains. Headquarters trains will accompany the divisions to which they are attached.

By order of Major-General Stanley:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


HDQRS. 14TH ARMY CORPS, No. 6. Near Rough and Ready, Ga., September 7, 1864.

The general supply trains of the corps will move northward on the road leading past Tomlison's, Cash's, and Mount Zion Church to White Hall, starting promptly at daylight. It will be parked in some convenient position a little beyond White Hall. Colonel Walker's brigade, of General Baird's division, will move at 4 am., and, preceding the supply trains, will repair any bad places in the road. It will take position beyond the trains while being parked, and will arrest all stragglers attempting to go through to the city, of whatever command, put them under guard, and report them to the provost-marshal of the corps. General Baird will move his division at 7 a.m., and follow the trains upon the same road. General Carling will move his division immediately in the rear of General Baird and upon the same road. General Morgan will move a brigade at 6.30 a.m., and place it in position upon the advanced picket-line, in order to cover the withdrawal his pickets and march his division in the rear of General Carlin upon the same road, and will form the rear guard of the corps. The ammunition, hospital, and headquarters trains and the artillery will move in advance of their respective


*Fullerton's journal, Part I, p.936, says Wood's division.