War of the Rebellion: Serial 076 Page 0717 Chapter L. CORRESPONDENCE, ETC.-UNION.

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Chattahoochee River, Ga., August 30, 1864.

Each division commander will to-morrow send out from his front at 6 a. m. a reconnoitering party of from 200 to 300 strong to feel carefully to the front and ascertain the position of the enemy. Immediately on the return of these parties a report of all information gained by them will be forwarded to these headquarters.

By command of Major General H. W. Slocum:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Red Oak, Ga., August 30, 1864.

I. The troops will move promptly at 4.30 a. m. to-morrow --- early daylight --- by the right flank, in their present order, on the road to Shoal Creek Church. the skirmish line will be kept out well to the left and will move parallel to the column. At Mrs. Long's the head of the column will be turned toward Morrow's Mill, and the lading division --- General Hascall's --- will go into position on favorable ground on the road leading to Shoal Creek Church. If at any time during the march the enemy should appear on the flank the troops will immediately move into position under the direction of the division commanders and prepare to give battle. Whenever practicable the infantry will move through fields, leaving the road to the artillery, which will move up promptly so as to shorten the column as much as possible. The trains will take the right-hand road, about half a mile from General Hascall's present right, leading toward the Rev. Dodd's, and will move on that road until they find a road leading to the left toward the position likely to be occupied by the troops at Morrow's Mill. General Cox will send one regiment as rear guard to the train. Between the present position of the troops and the forks of the road the troops must keep to the left of the road to leave if free for the train. Colonel Garrard's cavalry will push out as far as practicable on all the roads to the left of the road on which the infantry moves, and will continue to occupy all the roads from the new position as far as the West Point railroad, connecting with General Garrard's cavalry, which will occupy the position now occupied by the infantry.

By command of Major-General Schofield:


Major and Assistant Adjutant-General.

COUCH'S HOUSE, August 31, 1864-8 a. m.

(Received 5 a. m. September 9.)

Major General H. W. HALLECK,

Washington, D. C.:

At this time I would not suggest a change in the geographical lines of the Departments of the Ohio and the Cumberland because Generals Thomas and Schofield are now in actual battle and cannot give their attention to the necessary details. I will see both of them to-day and will then communicate my opinion. We reached the West Point railroad, and broke up twelve miles of it thoroughly; then march dona big left-wheel for the Macon road, General Schofield on the left, aiming for Rough and Ready, General Thomas center, and General Howard right, aiming for Jonesborough. The left and center as yet have met little or