War of the Rebellion: Serial 076 Page 0268 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Cox will move back into the new line of defense, his right resting near the junction of the old line and that to be constructed to-day. General Hascall will, at the same time, draw back his left to the new line prepared for it. Each division will have three brigades in line and one in reserve. The skirmish line will, unless forced back, maintain substantially its present position until the troops are established in the new line, when it will be retired so as to conform to the new position. The present line and that recently constructed by the Army of the Tennessee, as far as they are available, will be occupied by the reserve of the skirmish line, and must be held against anything less than an attack in force, and in case of an attack in force the resistance of the skirmish line in the old works must be sufficient to develop the strength and character of the attack, whether in column or line, and the real point of attack. The skirmish line will be connected with that of the troops of the Fourth Corps, General Stanley's division, which are to occupy the rear line on the left of General Cox. The skirmish line will be strong, placed well out, and must oppose an obstinate resistance to any advance of the enemy, endeavoring to ascertain and inform the commanding general as soon as possible the strengthen of the attacking force, and the point of the line at which the attack is really aimed. Should the enemy attack any position of the Army of the Tennessee, or of this army, during the movement, and before it shall have progressed so far as to leave the flank of this army exposed, the troops will maintain their present position, rebel the attack, and await further orders. The present movements are expected to be decisive. The enemy is desperate and consequently bold. The utmost vigilance is enjoined upon all officers and men while on duty.

* * * * * *

By command of Major-General Schofield:


Major and Assistant Adjutant-General.



Before Atlanta, Ga., July 26, 1864.

* * * * * *

Iv. In order to carry out the instructions contained in Special Field Orders, Numbers 42. Military Division of the Mississippi, the following movements of this army will be made:

1. Brigadier-General Woods, commanding First Division, Fifteenth Army Corps, will at 4 o'clock this p. m. march with his command and take up his position in the new line of intrenchments, his right resting on the railroad.

2. Major-General Dodge, commanding Left Wing, Sixteenth Army Corps, will at 12 o'clock to-night draw out his command and move by the nearest route to the main road running in rear of General Shcofield's line, entering this road immediately to the west of the point where the new line of intrenchments crosses the railroad. General Dodge will move to the right of General Thomas' command and take up his position on the right of the corps of General Palmer.

3. As soon as the troops of Major-General Dodge have field out, Major-General Blair will draw out his command and march by the most practicable route to the main road indicate above, following the Sixteenth's Corps on that road, and taking up a position on its right.