War of the Rebellion: Serial 076 Page 0180 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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IV. All the troops should be in motion at 5 a. m., and should not lose a moment's time until night, when the lines should be closed on General Schofield about Pea Vine and Decatur.

By order of Major General W. T. Sherman:





Near Pace's Ferry, Ga., July 18, 1864.

I. The batteries in each army corps of the Army of the Cumberland will in future constitute a separate command under the cops chief of artillery, subject to the direction of the corps commander and the department chief of artillery. In action or when preparing for action they will be placed in such positions as the corps chief of artillery, with the approval of the corps commanders and department chief of artillery, shall select.

II. Officers now acting as chiefs of artillery of divisions, whose batteries are not serving with the army in the field, will report to their corps chiefs of artillery as their assistants. Those whose batteries are so serving will rejoin them.

III. The issuing quartermaster and commissary of subsistence at army corps headquarters shall supply the batteries of the corps artillery with quartermaster and subsistence stores.

IV. When troops are temporarily detached from any army corps they shall be accompanies by an amount of artillery proportionate to their number; and it shall be the duty of the issuing quartermaster and commissary of subsistence of the command detached to keep this artillery supplies with quartermaster and subsistence stores until it rejoins its own corps.

V. The chief of ordnance of the department will recommend an officer to act as ordnance officer for the artillery of each corps.

VI. Corps commanders will detail a sufficient infantry force as guards to the artillery trains.

VII. The medial director of the corps will assign a sufficient number of medical officers with the corps artillery, whose duties will be exclusively with that command.

VIII. All wagons belonging to the batteries, excepting three to each, and the wagons of the division ordnance trains, now used to carry artillery ammunition, will be turned over to the issuing quartermaster at corps headquarters.

By command of Major-General Thomas:


Assistant Adjutant-General.


Powers' Ferry, Chattahoochee River, Ga., July 18, 1864-1 a. m.

Orders of the day for the Fourth Army Corps:

The corps will move forward to-day, stating at 5 a. m. General Newton's division will lead, followed by Major-General Stanley's division, and then General Wood's. General Newton will direct his march on Buck Head, avoiding, if possible, the road leading from Pace's Ferry to the same point.

By order of Major-General Howard:


Assistant Adjutant-General.