War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0837 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC,-CONFEDERATE.

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bama Regiment, and after an hour's heavy musketry repulsed the enemy, silencing his fire with considerable but unknown loss to him. Was relieved at daylight; returned to Rocky Face Mountain as reserve to the Thirty-eighth Alabama Regiment, then in the breast-works. The fire of shell and canister was annoying all day.

At 5 p.m. on the 10th of May was ordered to support the Thirty-eighth Alabama Regiment in repulsing a persistent charge of the enemy on our position, part of the regiment occupying the flank rifle-pits on our left.

Our casualties were: Enlisted men-killed,1; wounded slightly, 5; missing, 2; total, 8.

May 12, received orders to retire form our position, which was quietly done at 12 o'clock at night, retiring through Dalton and by a road down the Oostenaula [Connesauga] River by easy marches, reaching Resaca at sundown on the 13th.

Went into line of battle at 8 a.m. on May 14; spent most of the day in erecting good breast-works. At 4 p.m. received orders to go forward, which was promptly done, to the skirmish line, from which we charged the enemy's heavy line behind breast-works; easily routed them and vigorously pursued until dark. The castaway guns, knapsacks, and blankets told too plainly of the terror and demoralization of the enemy, and what might have resulted in decisive advantages but for the approaching darkness. Resting quietly in distinct hearing of the enemy's orders and movements until 12 o'clock, we returned to our position behind the breast-works, sleeping until 7 o'clock on the 15th of May, when our orders were to move forward, which advanced our lines a few hundred yards, when we threw up breast-works and were soon under fire of the enemy's heavy line of skirmishers. At 5 p.m. received orders to move forward, swinging around to the left and dressing to the right. This order was promptly obeyed, though under a deadly fire. After moving forward with the regiments of the brigade on our right a few paces were ordered to lie down. When again ordered to move forward the command promptly arose and moved under a tremendous volley, which moved its ranks right and left until ordered the second time to lie down. The second command to move forward was alike promptly obeyed by the thinned ranks, and persisted in, though without any support on our left, which was enfilade by a murderous fire from the enemy in front of the brigade on our left. The wheel to the left by our regiment and brigade brought our left companies in front of the right of the brigade on our left, in this position confronting the heavy line of the enemy behind strong works, in easy range, and under a fatal and scathing fire from our front and left flank. We were ordered to retire to our works, which was done in good order, some of the men on the left coming in over the breast-works of the brigade on our left. This charge of but twenty-five minutes' duration resulted in heavy loss, our casualties being: Officers-killed, 1; wounded mortally, 2; severely, 3; slightly, 3; total, 9. Enlisted men-killed, 13; wounded mortally, 9; severely, 26; slightly, 27; missing, 8; total, 83. Aggregate, 92.

May 15, at 12 o'clock at night, received orders to retire quietly; passing through Resaca at 1 o'clock, formed line of battle, protecting our rear and the bridge. Resuming our march at 2 a.m., crossing the bridge, by easy marches toward New Hope Church, passing and forming in line of battle at Adairsville and Cassville, reaching