War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0811 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Numbers 653.

Reports of Major General Carter L. Stevenson, C. S. Army, commanding division, of operations May 1-30 and June 22.


In the Field, May 30, 1864.

MAJOR: * * * During the latter part of last month I received orders to break up my winter camp on the Sugar Valley road and move my division to the position assigned it in front of Dalton. I went into bivouac in Crow's Valley and immediately went to work to complete the defense of the portion of the line allotted me, from the signal station upon Rocky Face Mountain, on my left, to Alt's Creek, on my right. General Pettus was placed upon the left, General Reynolds on the left center, General Cumming on the right center, and General Brown on the right. General Pettus was ordered to hold the mountain with a regiment of rifles. The movements of the enemy very soon showed that his greatest efforts would be against the mountain, which was, in fact, the key to my position, and accordingly on the-instant General Pettus was ordered to occupy the mountain with his brigade, and the vacancy in the trenches created by his removal filled by extending intervals to the left.

On the 8th instant the enemy pushed forward his skirmishers vigorously, supported by a line of battle against the angle in Pettus' line at the crest of the mountain. This attack was quickly and handsomely repulsed by that portion of his line which occupied the angle. In compliance with instructions from the lieutenant-general, Brown's brigade was then moved from its position on my right to the left of Pettus, on the crest of the mountain, who was thus enabled to contract his lines and strengthen his weak point-the angle referred to. Brown's place in the works was first supplied by Mercer's, then by Walthall's, and then by Govan's brigade. General Brown, as senior officer, was directed to take charge of the defense of that portion of the mountain occupied by my troops.

On the 9th instant the enemy, formed in column of divisions, made a heavy assault upon the angle in Pettus' line. The fight was obstinate and bloody, but resulted in a complete success to us. For details I would refer you to the reports of Generals Brown and Pettus. In the mean time the enemy had advanced his sharpshooters close upon the line of Brown's brigade on the mountain, and Reynolds' and Cumming's in the valley. Soon after the assault upon Pettus the enemy maneuvered considerably in the valley, and seemed at one time disposed to assault the position of Generals Cumming and Reynolds. In front of General Cumming he appeared several times in line of battle, but was checked by the fire of skirmishers and of those guns of Major J. W. Johnston's battalion of artillery that could be brought to bear upon him. From this time until we retired from the position there was constant skirmishing, first along my whole line, and later mainly in front of Brown's and Pettus' brigades.

On the night of the 13th instant, agreeably to orders, I vacated my position and took up the line of march for Resaca.

On the morning after my arrival near this place I took up position in two lines north of Resaca, and immediately upon the right of the Resaca and Dalton road. I was soon afterward ordered to connect