War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0761 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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the division of Major-General Stevenson was in position and extending across Crow's Valley, General Hindman occupying the right of my line. Some skirmishing took place along the line on the 8th, and on the 9th the enemy made five different attempts to gain the mountain, but were each time driven back and foiled in all their designs. After this nothing of very great importance occurred up to the time the army marched for Resaca. On arriving there I took position on the right of the army, Hindman's division on the left, Stevenson in the center, and Stewart on the right. On the 14th the enemy made repeated assaults on Hindman's left, but not in very heavy lines. Walthall's brigade, occupying the left of Hindman's, suffered severely from an enfilade fire of the enemy's artillery, himself and men displaying conspicuous valor throughout under very adverse circumstances. Brigadier-General Tucker, commanding brigade in reserve, was severely wounded.

About the middle of the day on the 15th the enemy made assaults upon Stevenson's front and the right of Hindman in several lines of battle, each successive line being repulsed with loss. At 4 o'clock in the afternoon General Stewart moved forward from the right with his division, driving the enemy before him, but was subsequently forced to resume his original position before largely superior numbers. During the attack on General Stevenson a 4-gun battery [was] in position thirty paces in front of his line, the gunners being driven from it and the battery left in dispute. The army withdrew that night and the guns, without caissons or limber-boxes, were abandoned to the enemy, the loss of life it would have cost to withdraw them being considered worth more than the guns. After this the march was continued to the south side of the Etowah via Adairsville and Cassville; some slight skirmishing at the latter place.

On the morning of the 24th the march was resumed in the direction of Dallas, and on the morning of the 25th, with my entire command, I arrived at New Hope Church, four miles east of Dallas. About midday the enemy were reported advancing, when my line was formed, Hindman on the left, Stewart in the center, and Stevenson on the right. At 5 p. m. a very determined attack was made upon Stewart extending along a very small portion of Brown's brigade, of Stevenson's division. The engagement continued actively until night closed in, the enemy being repeatedly and handsomely repulsed at all points. Thus Hooker's entire corps was driven back by three brigades of Stewart's division. Prisoners taken were of that corps. Too much praise cannot be awarded to the artillery, under the immediate direction of Colonel Beckham, which did great execution in the enemy's ranks, and added much to their discomfiture.

On the morning of the 26th the enemy found to [be] extending their left. Hindmans's was withdrawn from my left and placed in position on the right, the enemy continuing to extend his left. Major-General Cleburne with his division was ordered to report to me and was massed on Hindman's right.

On the morning of the 27th the enemy [were] known to be extending rapidly to their left, attempting to turn my right as they extended. Cleburne was deployed to meet them, and at 5.30 p. m. a very stubborn attack was made on his division extending to the right, where Major-General Wheeler with his cavalry dismounted was engaging them. The assault was continued with great determination upon both Cleburne and Wheeler until after night, but every