War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0707 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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direction it was kept up until nearly morning. The troops on Cheatham's line were put under arms when the firing first began and remained so until dawn.

Monday, May 30.- It was ascertained this morning that the firing on our left was in front of Bate and Cleburne, the enemy making several attacks and meeting with a repulse each time. The impression prevails that the noise on our right was the result of a false alarm, and it is not believed any serious attack was made by the enemy, and that our men did all the firing. Very little firing to-day; only an occasional skirmish. The skirmishing grew more brisk after night, but gradually diminished as it grew later.

Tuesday, May 31.- Occasional skirmishing and cannonading to-day; on the right principally, but occasionally on the left also. Indications point to a movement of the enemy to our right.

Wednesday, June 1.- Very much such a day as yesterday. Our troops generally engaged in strengthening our works on the center of the line. Cleburne moved from his position on the front line to the rear of the church and held as a reserve. Indications stronger than ever that the enemy are massing on our right.

Thursday, June 2.- Walker, Bate, and Cleburne all moved to the right, leaving this division as the extreme left of our line. Our cavalry went into Dallas last night, which the enemy had evacuated, and were ordered to-day to advance in line perpendicular to our present position, and press in the direction of the railroad until they developed the enemy. Nothing from them at a late hour. There can hardly be a doubt now that Sherman is endeavoring to crowd in between us and the railroad on our right. Distant musketry heard in the afternoon on the right and some cannon shots. No intelligence from them up to night. Light skirmishing along our line all day.

Friday, June 3.- We remain in statuesque to-day. Skirmishing still continues. In the afternoon the enemy ran a piece close up to our skirmish lines and opened on a house held by our sharpshooters, enfilading our main line. Nothing known as to what is going on the right. The enemy still believed to be massing in that direction.

Saturday, June 4.- Moved still farther to the right, between Lost Mountain and Marietta. Hardee's corps now on the right, Hood center, and Polk left.

Sunday, June 5.- Were placed in position.

Monday, June 6, and Tuesday, June 7.- We fortified. Polk moves to the right, leaving Hardee in the center. Little or no skirmishing anywhere on the front. The enemy still pushing toward the railroad. Wednesday, June 8, Thursday, June 9, Friday, June 10, and Saturday, June 11.- Very little doing either day. Some skirmishing on Bate's and Walker's front, which grew quite brisk on Saturday afternoon. The enemy evidently are making an effort to take Pine Mountain, held by Bate, in advance of our main line. Reported that the enemy has been re-enforced by Smith's corps from the Mississippi River, and that a heavy column is approaching on the Casville and Marietta road. Cheatham's division is taken from the fortifications and started toward the night. Rain! rain!! rain!!!

Sunday, June 12.- We did not move on account of the incessant rain. Monday, June 13.- We take Cantey's position in the trenches, he moving to the right. Rain.