War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0684 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Abstract from inspection report of the light artillery, Army of Tennessee, Colonel R. F. Beckham, &c.-Continued.

Present for duty.

Battalion. Number Officer Men. Effecti

of s. ve

batterie total

s present

Lee's corps:

Johnston's 3 15 227 242

Eldridge's 3 13 314 327

Courtney's 3 10 278 288

Total 9 38 819 857

Calloway's* (Wheeler's 2 3 138 141


Waties' (Jackson's 3 13 247 254


Total with cavalry 5 16 385 395

At Macon, Ga.:

Palmer's 3 18 321 339

Martin's 2 6 106 131

Williams'# 3 --- --- ---

Waddell's# 3 --- --- ---

Total in reserve 11 --- --- ---

Grand total++ 32 111 2,664 2,695

Aggregat Aggrega Pieces

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Battalion. present present artiller

and y.


Lee's corps:

Johnston's 310 428 12

Eldridge's 381 491 12

Courtney's 331 400 12

Total 1,022 1,319 36

Calloway's* (Wheeler's 170 256 8


Waties' (Jackson's 301 383 8


Total with cavalry 471 639 16

At Macon, Ga.:

Palmer's 386 491 12

Martin's 131 181 8

Williams'# --- --- 12

Waddell's# --- --- 10

Total in reserve --- --- 42

Grand total++ 3,274 4,549 124

Remarks.-Since last report Martin's, Palmer's, Waddell's, and Williams' battalions (forty-two guns) have been ordered to Macon, Ga., to report to Brigadier General M. J. Wright, commanding at that place, for duty in the defenses.

In consequence of the condition of the horses in the artillery it was deemed advisable to turn into the ordnance department two caissons from each battery and substitute mule wagons for the same which was done, and the horses relieved by this change and those of the artillery at Macon were, after the best were selected for use in other companies, sent to the rear to be recuperated.

Since the army left Atlanta all animals have been abundantly fed, and an improvement is to be seen in their condition.

* * * * * *

In the works at Atlanta we had twenty-eight pieces of light artillery, manned principally by the State troops and without horses-which were independent of the regular artillery of the army-all of which was safely brought away by mule teams and shipped to Macon. The siege pieces were all lost, as it was impossible to move them. We abandoned one smooth 24-pounder and eight 32-pounders (rifled, banded) mounted on the line and five smooth 32-pounders not mounted. It was expected that a full and complete list could be furnished of all losses sustained by the artillery by the destruction of ordnance stores at Atlanta, but no report can at this time be made other than the inclosed list kindly furnished by Captain Humphries from an invoice made out at the time for shipment to the rear, but which he did not succeed in getting away. The report


*The "reserve artillery" of Wheeler's corps, under command of Lieutenant J. W. Calloway. Three batteries were absent with Wheeler.

#No report of the strength of these battalions.

++Omitting battalions at Macon, Ga. A memorandum on original report gives Wheeler's cavalry 18 guns, and reports 50 guns at Macon and 4 guns at West Point; or a total of 188 pieces of artillery in the Army of Tennessee.