War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0666 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Anderson's Brigade.

3rd Confederate, Lieutenant Colonel John McCaskill.

8th Confederate, Lieutenant Colonel John S. Prather.

10th Confederate, Captain W. J. Vason.

12th Confederate, Captain Charles H. Conner.

5th Georgia, Colonel Edward Bird.

Dibrell's Brigade.

4th Tennessee, Colonel William S. McLemore.

8th Tennessee, Captain Jefferson Leftwich.

9th Tennessee, Captain James M. Reynolds.

10th Tennessee, Major John Minor.

11th Tennessee, Colonel Daniel W. Holman.

Hanson's Brigade.

53rd Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel John F. Gaines.

24th Alabama Battalion, Major Robert B. Snodgrass.


Ashby's Brigade.

1st [6th] Tennessee, Colonel James T. Wheeler.

2nd Tennessee, Captain William M. Smith.

5th Tennessee, Colonel George W. McKenzie.

9th Tennessee Battalion, Major James H. Akin.

Harrison's Brigade.

3rd Arkansas, Colonel Amson W. Hobson.

4th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel Paul F. Anderson.

8th Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Gustave Cook.

11th Texas, Colonel George R. Reeves.

Williams' Brigade.

1st [3d] Kentucky, Colonel J. R. Butler.

2nd Kentucky (Woodward's regiment), Major Thomas W. Lewis.

9th Kentucky, Colonel William C. P. Breckinridge.

2nd Kentucky Battalion, Captain John B. Dortch.

Allison's (Tennessee) Squadron.

Major Joseph Shaw.

Hamilton's (Tennessee) Battalion,


Brigadier General WILLIAM H. JACKSON.

Armstrong's Brigade.

Brigadier General FRANK C. ARMSTRONG.

1st Mississippi, Colonel R. A. Pinson.

2nd Mississippi, Major John J. Perry.

28th Mississippi, Major Joshua T. McBee. Ballentine's (Mississippi) Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel William L. Maxwell.

Escort (Company D, 2nd Mississippi Cavalry), Captain James Ruffin.

Ross' Brigade.

Brigadier General LAWRENCE S. ROSS.

1st Texas Legion, Colonel Edwin R. Hawkins.

3rd Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Jiles S. Boggess.

6th Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Peter F. Ross.

9th Texas, Colonel Dudley W. Jones.

Ferguson's Brigade.*

Brigadier General SAMUEL W. FERGUSON.

2nd Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel John N. Carpenter.

56th Alabama, Colonel William Boyles.

9th Mississippi Cavalry, Colonel Horace H. Miller.

11th Mississippi Cavalry, Colonel Robert O. Perrin.

12th Mississippi Battalion, Colonel William M. Inge.

Scout Company (Company 9th Mississippi Cavalry) Captain Thomas C. Flournoy.


*Not reported on original return. Given here as reported July 10.