War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0655 Chapter I. REPORTS, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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Lowrey's Brigade.

16th Alabama, Lieutenant Colonel Frederick A. Ashford.

33rd Alabama, Colonel Samuel Adams.

45th Alabama, Colonel Harris D. Lampley.

32nd Mississippi, Colonel William H. H. Tison.

45th Mississippi, Major Elisha F. Nunn.

Govan's Brigade.

2nd Arkansas,

Colonel E. Warfield.

24th Arkansas,

5th Arkansas,

Colonel John E. Murray.

13th Arkansas,

6th Arkansas,

Colonel Samuel G. Smith.

7th Arkansas,

8th Arkansas,

19th Arkansas,

Colonel George F. Baucum.

3rd Confederate, Captain M. H. Dixon.


Major General WILLIAM H. T. WALKER.

Mercer's Brigade.

Brigadier General HUGH W. MERCER.

1st Volunteer Georgia, Colonel Charles H. Olmstead.

54th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Morgan Rawls.

57th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel Cincinnatus S. Guyton.

63rd Georgia, Major Joseph V. H. Allen.

Gist's Brigade.

Brigadier General STATES R. GIST.

8th Georgia Battalion, Colonel Zachariah L. Watters.

46th Georgia, Major Samuel J. C. Dunlop.

65th Georgia,* Captain William G. Foster.

5th Mississippi,* Lieutenant Colonel John B. Herring.

8th Mississippi,* Colonel John C. Wilkinson.

16th South Carolina, Colonel James McCullough.

24th South Carolina, Colonel Ellison Capers.

2nd Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters,* Major Richard H. Whiteley.

Stevens' Brigade.

Brigadier General CLEMENT H. STEVENS.

1st Georgia (Confederate), Colonel George A. Smith.

25th Georgia, Colonel William J. Winn.

29th Georgia, Captain J. W. Turner.

30th Georgia, Lieutenant Colonel James S. Boynton.

66th Georgia, Colonel J. Cooper Nisbet.

1st Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters, Major Arthur Shaaff.


Major General WILLIAM B. BATE.

Tyler's Brigade.

37th Georgia, Colonel Joseph T. Smith.

15th Tennessee,

Lieutenant Colonel R. Dudley

37th Tennessee, {Frayser.

20th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel William M. Shy.

30th Tennessee, Lieutenant Colonel James J. Turner.

4th Georgia Battalion Sharpshooters, Major Theodore D. Caswell.

Lewis' Brigade.

2nd Kentucky, Colonel James W. Moss.

4th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas W. Thompson.

5th Kentucky, Lieutenant Colonel Hiram Hawkins.

6th Kentucky, Colonel Martin H. Cofer.

9th Kentucky, Colonel John W. Caldwell.

Finley's Brigade.

1st Florida Cavalry (dismounted),

3rd Florida,

Captain Matthew H. Strain.

1st Florida,

4th Florida,

Lieutenant Colonel Edward Badger.

6th Florida, Lieutenant Colonel Daniel L. Kenan.

7th Florida, Lieutenant Colonel Robert Bullock.


*Temporarily attached from Jackson's brigade, broken up.