War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0653 Chapter I. REPORTS, ETC.-CONFEDERATE.

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First (Ector's) Brigade.

29th North Carolina, Lieutenant Colonel Bacchus S. Proffitt.

39th North Carolina, Colonel David Coleman.

9th Texas, Colonel William H. Young.

10th Texas,# Colonel C. R. Earp.

14th Texas, # Colonel John L. Camp.

32nd Texas, # Colonel Julius A. Andrews.

Third (Sears') Brigade.

4th Mississippi, Major Thomas P. Nelson.

35th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel Reuben H. Shotwell.

36th Mississippi, Major Charles P. Partin.

39th Mississippi, Major R. J. Durr.

46th Mississippi, Colonel William H. Clark.

7th Mississippi Battalion, Captain W. A. Trotter.

Second (Cockrell's) Brigade.

1st Missouri,

Lieutenant Colonel Hugh A. Garland.

4th Missouri,

2nd Missouri,

6th Missouri,

Colonel Peter C. Flournoy

3rd Missouri,

5th Missouri,

Colonel James McCown.

1st Missouri,

3rd Missouri Battalion,#

Colonel Elijah Gates.



Alabama Battery, Captain John J. Ward.

Brookhaven (Mississippi) Artillery, Captain James A. Hoskins.

Missouri Battery, Captain Henry Guibor.


First (Reynolds') Brigade.

1st Arkansas,## Colonel Lee M. Ramsaur.

2nd Arkansas,## Colonel James A. Williamson.

4th Arkansas, Colonel Henry G. Bunn.

9th Arkansas, Colonel Isaac L. Dunlop.

25th Arkansas, Colonel Charles J. Turnbull.

Third (Quarles') Brigade.

1st Alabama, Major Samuel L. Knox.

4th Louisiana, Colonel S. E. Hunter.

30th Louisiana, Lieutenant Colonel Thomas Shields.

42nd Tennessee, Colonel Isaac N. Hulme.

46th Tennessee,

Colonel Rober A. Owens,

55th Tennessee,

48th Tennessee (Voorhies' regiment), Lieutenant Colonel Aaron S. Godwin.

49th Tennessee, Colonel William F. Young.

53rd Tennessee, Colonel John R. White.

Second (Cantey's) Brigade.

17th Alabama, Major Thomas J. Burnett.

26th Alabama, Major David F. Bryan.

29th Alabama, Major Henry B. Turner.

37th Mississippi, Lieutenant Colonel William W. Wier.



Alabama Battery, Captain Edward Tarrant.

Selden's (Alabama) battery, Lieutenant Charles W. Lovelace.

Yates' (Mississippi) battery, Lieutenant R. B. Jones.


Brigadier General WILLIAM H. JACKSON.


7th Tennessee Cavalry, Company A, Captain William F. Taylor.

First (Armstrong's) Brigade.//

1st Mississippi, Colonel R. A. Pinson.

2nd Mississippi, Major John J. Perry.

28th Mississippi, Major Joshua T. McBee.

Ballentine's (Mississippi) Regiment, Lieutenant Colonel William L. Maxwell.

Second (Ross') Brigade.

1st Texas Legion, Colonel Edwin R. Hawkins.

3rd Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Jiles S. Boggess.

6th Texas, Lieutenant Colonel Peter F. Ross.

9th Texas, Colonel Dudley W. Jones.


*Actual division and brigade commanders not reported on original return.

#Dismounted cavalry.

##Mounted Rifles, dismounted.

@Actual brigade commanders not indicated on original return.

//The 6th Alabama Cavalry transferred to Clanton's brigade.