War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0644 Chapter L. THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN.

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Lieutenant Colonel JAMES H. HALLONQUIST.

Palmer's Battalion.

Alabama Battery, Captain Charles L. Lumsden.

Georgia Battery, Captain Ruel W. Anderson.

Georgia Battery, Captain Minor W. Havis.

Waddell's Battalion.

Alabama Battery, Captain Winshow D. Emery.

Bellamy's (Alabama) battery, Lieutenant Francis A. O'Neal.

Missouri Battery, Captain Overton W. Barret.

Williams' Battalion.

Barbour (Alabama) Artillery, Captain Reuben F. Kolb.

Jefferson (Mississippi) Artillery, Captain Put. Darden.

Nottoway (Virginia) Artillery, Captain William C. Jeffress.


Cantey's Brigade.*

Brigadier General JAMES CANTEY.

17th Alabama, Colonel Virgil S. Murphey.

29th Alabama, Colonel John F. Conoley.

37th Mississippi, Colonel Orlando S. Holland.

Battalion Alabama Sharpshooters, Major J. S. Moreland.



Company A, Captain R. C. McCalla.

Company B, Captain H. N. Pharr, Cheatham's division.

Company C, Captain A. W. Gloster, Stewart's division.

Company D, Captain Edmund Winston.

Company F, Captain W. A. Ramsey, Cleburne's division.

Company G, Lieutenant Robert L. Cobb, Hindman's division.

Sappers and Miners, Captain A. W. Clarkson.


Army headquarters: Guy Dreux's Company Louisiana Cavalry, Lieutenant O. De Buys, and Holloway's Company Alabama Cavalry (Crocheron Light Dragoons), Captain Edwin M. Holloway.

Hardee's corps: Raum's Company Mississippi Cavalry, Captain W. C. Raum.

Cheatham's division: Merritt's company (G, 2nd Georgia Cavalry), Captain Thomas M. Merritt.

Cleburne's division: Sanders' Company Tennessee Cavalry (Buckner Guards), Captain Calvin F. Sanders.

Bate's division: Foules' Company Mississippi Cavalry, Captain H. L. Foules.

Walker's division: Martin's company (G, 53rd Alabama Volunteers, Partisan Rangers), Captain P. B. Mastin, jr.

Hood's corps: [Not reported.]

Hindman's division: Lenoir's Independent Company Alabama Cavalry, Captain Thomas M. Lenoir.

Stevenson's division: [Not reported.]

Stewart's division: McKleroy's company (A, 10th Confederate Cavalry), Captain John M. McKleroy.


* Joined from Department of the Gulf and encamped at Rome, Ga.