War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0523 Chapter L. REPORTS,ETC.-ARMY OF THE TENNESSEE.

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June 1, ordered to fall in before daylight and move silently to the rear, Company F on skirmish, and Company K to remain in old works till regiment passed out; marched six miles to Pumpkin Vine Creek and encamped. Remained in camp till 2 p.m. of the 2d, when we moved one mile to the right, where we were attacked by the enemy's batteries; our answered and silenced them. 3d, ordered to move four miles to the right of Pumpkin Vine Creek, and encamped; at night built breast-works, Companies D, K, and H on picket; here we remained till 4 p.m. of the 5th, changing position four miles to the right. 6th, command march at 5 a.m., passing through Acworth, and encamped three-quarters of a mile town, forming connection with General Harrow on the right and General Sweeny on the left; marched twelve miles. Remained here till the 10th at noon, when we marched four miles and encamped, skirmishing in front, Company E on picket. 11th, commenced march at 9 a.m. in front of brigade (right in front) two miles to railroad, Companies K and I skirmishing on right of railroad, enemy in front and on the flanks when we formed line of battle. 12th, Company C ordered at 3 a.m. to build rifle-pits in front, and finished them by daylight. 13th, Company D detailed to open roads through woods to rear for access to train; Companies K, H, and C occupied the front rifle-pits at dark. 15th, Companies D, G, I, B, and F on skirmish line, under charge of Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Rusk; at 5 p.m. balance of regiment moved forward to rifle-pits; heavy skirmishing all day; at 11 p.m. regiment formed line and advanced to support of skirmish line, the enemy making at that time some demonstration. 16th, advanced steadily, skirmishers having farther advanced; at 11 p.m. heavy firing in front, and regiment ordered in line. 17th, Companies K and H on skirmish line; received the following circular from brigade headquarters: "Major-General Dodge has been advised that the enemy are retiring from Hooker's and Howard's front, moving forward the left; commanders of regiment will exercise their usual vigilance." At 11 p.m. heavy firing again on skirmish line. Remained here till the 19th, when we advanced in front of rifle-pits and changed position at right angles with our former position; at 11 a.m. moved forward to and over the rebel line of works and advanced quarter of a mile, then ordered back to rear of said rebel works; at 4 p.m. advanced to crest of hill and erected earth-works; rained hard nearly all day; Company B on skirmish line to the right. 20th, Company F on extension line to the right regiment; heavy firing all day by batteries and musketry; opened heavy about 6 p.m. and continued all night, mostly to the right, 21st, Company A detailed to guard ordnance train, and remained on that duty to the present time. 22d, the enemy's batteries opened on as about 9.30 a.m. fiercely and close; Companies F, H, E, K, and C on skirmish line. 26th, Companies G, D, I, B, on skirmish line, in charge of Lieutenant Colonel J. M. Rusk. 27th, received orders to be ready to advance at 8 a.m., and were are now awaiting further orders.

July 1, in camp at Kenesaw Mountains, Ga. 2d, received orders to proceed to Pine Grove, eight miles to the right. 3d, started at 5 a.m., passing on road between Kenesaw Mountains and Lost Mountain. 4th, advanced to the front some three miles and put up breast-works; ordered to support of battery under heavy fire; occupied rebel works just vacated by the enemy, a heavy charge having been made on them; shifted our position several times, and then reconstructed the works to our own use; at 10 p.m. Company E advanced to cover