War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0522 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Mills. 7th, halted at Gordon's Gap,and proceeded to Mattox Gap. 8th, waited for wagon train to pass till 4 p.m. then marched about ten miles and encamped. 9th, arrived at bluffs near Resaca Station, formed line of battle, when the enemy opened upon us with their batteries; at dusk marched six miles and encamped. 10th, marched two miles to the front and formed line of battle, Companies K, I, and B deployed as skirmishes; rained and stormed at night; received orders to move at 12 midnight into intrenchments; marched back to old camp-ground. 12th, at 3 p.m. went to the front four miles and formed line of battle; skirmished with the enemy all day;encamped in ravine at evening. 14th, remained partly under cover of bluff, shot, shell, and musketry pouring in upon us; at 5 p.m. fell in and double-quick over the bridge and lay down in line to the right on bottom land; ordered to cover under bluff, still to the right, and then ordered to double-quick round the same to the right and then to the left in ravine and form line on crest of the hill in front; advanced in line about ten paces, and delivered our fire with terrific force, which was kept up till 10 p.m.; during the night worked on rifle-pits. 15th, first fire given by the enemy before daylight, which was instantly returned and continued till 4 p.m., the enemy retiring; relieved by the Third Missouri Infantry at 7 p.m., who took our position; we retired to rear of bluff; at 11 p.m. heavy firing to our left, the enemy retreating all night. 16th, enemy evacuated Resaca; marched about five miles, crossing the Calhoun [Oostenaula] River on pontoons, and camped at 3 p.m.; at 4 p.m. the pickets were reported driven in,and we fell in in line, Companies C and H as skirmishers in front and on the right; remained in line all night and most of the next day. 17th, at 4 p.m. ordered to march ten miles, and camped in clover-field. 18th, marched eight miles and halted till dusk, moving to the train passing, and then marched eight miles during the night; arrived at camp-ground about 5 p.m., passing through Adairsville. 19th, ordered to march to Kingston; fighting at the front; marched eight miles and camped within half a mile of town. Remained in camp till the 23d, when we were ordered to be ready to march with twenty days' rations. 24th, started at 12.30 a.m. and halted at 8 a.m.; proceeded through Van Wert, and camped half a mile from town, marching twenty-eight miles. 25th, started at 12 noon and arrived at camp at 12 night, only making ten miles, progress retarded by wagon train. 26th, started by wagon train. 26th, started at 5 a.m. on march; marched about eight miles to within two miles and a half of Dallas, when we formed in line at 11 a.m. and skirmished till 5 p.m., when we advanced through Dallas, now deserted, and encamped; ordered again to march forward, but order countermanded at 6 p.m. 27th, ordered to fall in early and advance to the front; heavy skirmishing; remained in line all night. 28th, at 3 a.m. ordered to be ready; remained in line all day and night; at 11 p.m. heavy firing on the left; at 5.30 p.m. enemy charged on skirmish line, but was repulsed; enemy retired with heavy loss; B and E skirmishing companies. 29th, heavy skirmishing in front all day; at 9 p.m. the enemy charged the skirmish line, was repulsed, and attacked several times; enemy retired again, with heavy loss. 30th, considerable firing on the skirmish line, but nothing unusual transpired; Company G on skirmish line. 31st, during the night erected breast-works. Estimated distance marched, 230 miles.