War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0458 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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panies on the skirmish line. They advanced, and reported the enemy retreating. The command then advance, and at or near Rome Cross-Roads our advance came upon the enemy. The regiment was ordered to the right, and seven companies sent out on the skirmish line. The line advanced, driving the enemy's pickets in. The enemy formed in line of battle and advanced, causing our line to fall back on our support - Eighty-first Ohio and Twelfth Illinois. Colonel Burke was mortally wounded. The brigade was ordered to fall back and form a new line, which was done in tolerably good order. We rested there during the night and day of 17th; left at dark, and marched until midnight, and rested until morning. Then advanced again; marched until noon, and lay up until dark; then marched until midnight. Moved ahead again on the morning of the 19th, passing through Adairsville, and camped near Kingston, Ga., where we remained until the 23d. At noon we moved again crossed the Etowah River, and camped for the night. Left camp early on the morning of the 24th, marching to Van Wert and camping for the night. Left next day again, and moved in line of battle, with skirmishers in front, until we arrived near Dallas. we occupied Dallas, and on the morning of the 27th the enemy opened a heavy fire upon our line. Companies C and D were sent on the skirmish line. Captain Andrews, Company D, was mortally wounded, and 3 of his men killed and 3 wounded. On the morning of the 28th Companies H and I were sent out on the skirmish line. The two companies had 12 men wounded. On the 29th Companies A and G were sent out on the line, and at night the enemy made three successive charges on our lines. They were repulsed each time with heavy loss. Lieutenant Ullrick, Company A, was killed, and 1 man in Company A; Lieutenant Williamson, Company D, severely wounded; 3 men wounded. The command was under arms all night. On the morning of the 30th Companies E and F were sent out on the line, skirmishing all day. On the 31st the whole regiment was ordered over our works to advance on to the enemy's works and ascertain their strength, &c. The regiment advanced without support, and was heavily engaged with the enemy for a few minutes, when we were ordered back inside the works. Lieutenant Vanliew, Company E, was killed, 4 men missing, and quite a number wounded. That evening the command was moved three miles to the left.

On the morning of June 1 Companies A, E, and G sent out on picket. During the day we moved some two miles farther to the left, where we remained until the morning of the 6th, when we left and marched to Acworth, where we remained until the 10th; then moved some five miles to Big Shanty. We lay in reserve until the 21st. The regiment was then ordered on the picket-line, where we remained until the 26th. We then moved to the front of Kenesaw Mountain. On the 27th and 28th the regiment was on the skirmish line. We had several men wounded. On the 30th we threw up a line of works.

On the afternoon of July 2 the regiment was again sent out on the skirmish line. On the night of July 2 the army moved to the right, flanking Mount Kenesaw. We marched on the 3d, and on the morning of the 4th we crossed Nickajack Creek, coming onto the enemy's pickets. We then threw up a line of works; then sent out four companies on the skirmish line. The balance of the regiment charged the enemy's works, with the Fourth Division, Sixteenth Army Corps,