War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0432 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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July 29, 5 p. m. The command remained in position on the left of Wekler's battery from July 29 until the evening of August 5, when, in obedience to orders from your headquarters, I proceeded with the command to the front, and relieved the Second Iowa Infantry on skirmish line, deploying five companies, holding the balance in reserve.

11 a. m., August 6, after about 15 minutes' profound silence, the enemy attempted to advance their line in front of the right of my line. Companies A and B received their five without wavering, and in turn delivered an effective fire upon the enemy, compelling them to quickly retire. During this tour of skirmish duty the command sustained a loss of 3 wounded. In obedience to orders, proceeded to second line of works 2 p. m. August 9, and relieved Sixty-sixth Indiana Infantry, constructing earth-works. Continued work until 10 p. m., bivouacking in rear of works until morning. After being relieved by the Seventh Iowa Infantry 6 o'clock the following morning returned to first line of works. 3 p. m., of same date, in relieved Sixty-sixth Indiana Infantry, to enable them to go out on skirmish line. August 9, received orders to construct two bridges over a small creek in rear of second line of works. The works was accomplished by a detail of thirty men, in charge of Lieutenant Kessler. 10 a. m., moved the regiment out to the front to occupy works formerly used for the reserve to skirmish line. 5.30 p. m., moved to the front 240 yards in advance of last position, on the skirmish line. Detailed Companies C and E to relieve the men of Sixty-sixth Indiana Infantry on the skirmish line. Received orders from your headquarters to advance the skirmishers after dark, at least thirty paces, which was successfully accomplished without loss. During the stay of the command at this place lost 2 men wounded. The enemy's fire was exceedingly hot; no one could leave the intrenchments without endangering his life. It was wonderful that no more casualties occurred. Twelfth Illinois reporting to relieve my command, I was directed to move to the left and occupy works vacated by Second Iowa Infantry. During the night men worked hard to strengthen and complete the rowers commenced by Sixty-sixth Indiana Infantry, and during the afternoon of August 10 the men worked with energy to remodel and improve the works of Second Iowa Infantry. 4 p. m., received orders that the Eighty-first Ohio Infantry would relieve my command in front line of works, and, when relieved, directing me to occupy middle line of works to the right of fort. After working hard for twenty-four hours completing these works, to surrender them to another command, the men were disposed to complain, but the prospect of getting some rest and quiet proved quite sufficient to hush all murmurs. August 11, while occupying middle line of works lost 2 men slightly wounded by pieces of shell. 5.30 p. m., same date, moved out to front line of works and relieved Seventh Iowa Infantry. During the night, in obedience to orders, strengthened works to resist solid shot, and cut and placed an abatis in front of the works. This command occupied this position on the front line of works from August 11 to August 19, inclusive; when, discovering that it was injurious to the health of my command to remain longer. I made application to be relieved, and by your order, the Seventh Iowa Infantry took my