War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0350 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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ville; there took road to the right of railroad; marched about six miles farther, and camped on Barnsley's farm for the night. May 19, marched at 10 a. m. six miles; camped within one mile of Kingston in column of regiments in open field. Remained in statu quo until may 23, when at 7.30, we started on the Rome road; crossed Etowah River; marched about fifteen miles; camped on the bank of a small creek. May 24, marched at 7.30 a. m.; passed through Van Wesrt, formerly county seat of Polk County; distance marched about seven miles; camped at 2 p. m. May 25, marched at 10 a. m. seven and a half miles, bivouacked,and, ere we supped, were ordered to fall in, and then marched about half a mile, formed line, and again camped for the night. May 26, marched at 7 a. m. about three miles; halted in front of the enemy near Dallas. May 27, took position ordered, and commenced building breastworks; Companies I, E, and G were put on skirmish line; 1 man wounded; 2 prisoners taken. May 28, two companies, A and B, in, when orders were received to fire from line, which, being complied with, resulted in routing the enemy, he sustaining the loss of 9 dead in our front and 11 prisoners. Our loss, killed, wounded, and missing, 36. May 29, lay in trenches all day; skirmishing in front till June 1, when we moved to the rear and left about eighth miles, and occupied works which troops of Twentieth Corps left. Remained there, doing turns of duty in front line with other regiments of the brigade, until morning of the 6th, when we marched about eighth miles, and camped near Acworth until 10th. Marched about three miles toward Big Shanty; dug rifle-pits all night. Lay in the same place until 13th. Moved to the left a quarter of a mile on the same line; lay there until 15th, when we moved about two miles to the left, formed in open field in columns of brigade, Ninety-ninth on the right of the brigade. Advanced at 1 p.m.; drove the enemy about half a mile; lost 2 wounded. At night moved to rear, and camped for the night. Remained in same situation until 19th, when we moved to the right, in reserve. Lay in same place until 25th. Moved to the right, and relieved troops, Second Division, Fourteenth Corps, at foot of Kenesaw Mountain. Remained there until July 3; during the time intervening had 14 wounded.

On the 3rd of July marched to Marietta. July 4, marched eleven miles; camped. July 5, moved four miles to the front. July 6, had 1 killed on the skirmish line and 1 wounded. July 7, moved to the left and forward about forty rods; lay in line until morning. We threw up works, and remained in same place until July 12, when we marched toward Marietta at 5 p. m. 13th, moved without breakfast; passed through Marietta at 9 a. m.; marched during the day about sixteen miles. July 14, 4.30 a. m., marched four miles; camped near Roswell, Ga. At 5 p. m. moved forward and crossed the Chattahoochee River; halted for the night. Remained there until July 17, when marched on Atlanta road about six miles; camped 3 p. m. two miles from Cross Keys. July 18, 5 a. m., moved six miles, crossing Peack Tree Creek; halted about an hour, then moved forward about one mile; halted until 6 p. m., when we again took up the march and halted not till 10 p. m., four miles in advance. July 19, marched at 6 a. m. through Decatur. Advanced in line, halting several times; finally went to support a battery. Moved on left of Fifteenth Michigan into an open field, where we lay down,