War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0264 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Private August Johnson, in foot; Private William H. Case, in breast. Remained in position on the same hill, supporting our advancing infantry by firing at the rebel batteries, rifle-pits, and railroad bridge, until the morning of the 16th, when we went into Resaca, which the enemy had evacuated the night previous. Started again at 11 a. m., marching on Calhoun road, and crossed the Catahoula [Oostenaula] River at 4.30 p. m; marched until the 19th of May, when we went into camp one mile and a half south of Kingston, where we remained until the 23d.

Crossed the Etowah River, and marched without much opposition until we arrived at Dallas on the 26th; then, after changing positions several times during the day, and having 1 man (John A. Anderson) wounded in knee, on the 27th I was placed in position by Colonel Taylor, with the Fourth Division, to engage a rebel battery of eight guns 1,200 yards off. Fought several brisk duels during the day, and on the 28th the enemy charged along our whole front, but was repulsed with heavy loss. Had 3 men wounded-Corpl. John J. Buckland, in shoulder; Artificer Frederic Dohmeyer, in shoulder; Private John C. Haggerstrom, shoulder. On the 29th, 8 p. m., took battery to the rear, in a new line of works, to protect our corps, which was to swing back that night; but this was not done until the 1st of June, when we marched to the left and relived the Twentieth Army Corps. Went into position on the 2nd in the center of our division. Withdrew on the 4th, and took up a position with the Fourth Army Corps, relieving the Eleventh Indiana Battery.

The enemy evacuated during the night, and we marched for Acworth on the 5th, where we arrived on the 6th, and remained until the 10th, when we advanced on Kenesaw Mountain, passed Big Shanty 9 a. m., and went into position. Remained in reserve with division until the 15th, when I was ordered to assist the Seventeenth Army Corps batteries. On the 16th went into position, with the Second Brigade, in front of Kenesaw Mountain and fought the enemy's batteries until he evacuated on 19th. Following him up, we went into position on a knoll with the Seventeenth Army Corps to engage rebel batteries on top of Big Kenesaw. Fought duels every day; also fired at their camp at long range until the 30th, when I withdrew my battery and parked with our corps, then in reserve.

July 2, marched with the division to the extreme right of our line and went into position, relieving a battery of the Twenty-third Army Corps. July 3, went into position to engage rebel battery while the Second Brigade, of our division, charged their line at Nickajack Creek. July 4, moved to the front, with the division, to support the Sixteenth Army Corps, which charged about 5 p. m. July 5, marched on Sandtown road, and went into position on a high hill with the Seventeenth Army Corps; fired at a rebel fort and battery 3,500 yards off with good effect. July 6, seeing a dust supposed to be made by a column marching and crossing Chattahoochee River on a pontoon bridge, pontoon bridge, about 5,000 yards distant, we shelled them all afternoon, and as prisoners afterward said, with very good effect. July 7, went into position in the advanced line, with the Seventeenth Army Corps, and engaged the rebel batteries. Withdrew on the 8th in the evening and remained in camp until the 12th, when we marched, passing through Marietta on the 13th, and parked again near Roswell, on the Chattahoochee River. Crossed