War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0260 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Remained here till 11th. Enemy left his strong works in our front on the morning of 10th; moved four miles to our rear, and camped on Widow Mitchell's farm. July 12, moved 5 p. m., passing through Marietta at daybreak, and Roswell on 14th; crossing the Chattahoochee, went into camp same evening and made strong works. July 7, moved toward Stone Mountain where we arrived on evening of 18th, completely destroying Atlanta and Charleston Railroad for many miles; moved in direction of Decatur; halted at 10 p. m., and rested till morning. At 6 a. m. on 19th again on move, striking railroad few miles east of Decatur; destroyed it and moved forward to Decatur. July 20, deployed my regiment in line of battle on left of railroad; deployed four companies as skirmishes, under command of Captain Kili, in my front and left flank; moved forward, driving the enemy rapidly before us, till within three miles of Atlanta, when we halted and made works, working all night. July 22, 8 a. m., advanced about one mile, taking possession of works evacuated by enemy last night. Reversed and strengthened works in our front. Also made heavy detail, and nearly completed works from our left to dirt-road, when [about] 2.30 p. m. this detail was relieved by Forty-seventh Ohio, taking position on our left, and at nearly right-angles to us. At 3 p. m. our pickets were driven in and heavy columns of the enemy seen approaching us. When within 150 yards we fired by rank, keeping up a very heavy fire for thirty minutes; the enemy broke and ran in confusion in our front. Just at this time we saw the regiments on our left had given way and were falling back, closely pursued by the enemy, who were rapidly coming through dirt road, which was left open, and had already gained our rear. The left of my regiment fell back, changing front to rear on first company, taking shelter behind large brisk house and in woods; we tried to check the advance of the enemy, but were enfilade by a rebel column which had moved through deep cut in railroad, which was also open and undefended. Falling slowly back several hundred yards, met portions of regiment which had formed at old works; we joined them and moved forward, retook our works, taking 40 prisoners; 74 dead rebels were found in our front. Our loss: Commissioned officers missing, 3; enlisted men killed, 3; enlisted men wounded, 24; enlisted men missing, 64. Strengthened our works and remained here till 4 a. m. of 27th, when we moved to extreme right of army. 28th, advanced to gain a position, which we did at 12 m. facing south, having driven the enemy several miles. He opened on us with shells, with but little effect; 10 a. m. moved my regiment by right flank 500 yards, and formed line of battle facing west, open field in front; 11 a. m. moved to front to re-enforce Colonel Jones, who had his regiment deploys as skirmishes. Deployed my regiment in heavy line of skirmishers, advanced, and took position on right of Colonel Jones, being extreme right of army. Four hundred yards in front the enemy were forming their lines in edge of woods, we keeping up an effective fire for thirty minutes. He began to advance with two heavy lines; when within good range, we fired and fell back to house and some temporary works of rails, which we held half an hour, when we were flanked on our right, and fell 150 yards farther back in ravine, which we held till re-enforced, when we advanced, taking possession of house and temporary works which we strengthened and held, although the enemy frequently charged, but was as often repulsed and driven back with great loss.