War of the Rebellion: Serial 074 Page 0240 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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On the 1st of June the regiment marched via Pumpkin Vine Creek toward New Hope Church, took position in the lines previously occupied by the Twentieth Army Corps, which were held and defended against the enemy until the 5th of June, when the latter retreated. The regiment then marched with the brigade to Acworth, in which vicinity it bivouacked until the 10th of June, when it advanced, with the brigade, against Big Shanty, which place was reached on the same day. From the 10th to the 14th the regiment held, with the brigade, the right of the Fifteenth Army corps, when it advanced more southeast, and near the position of the enemy on Kenesaw Mountain.

On the evening of the 16th of June the regiment occupied a part of the thus advanced lines, sent out its skirmishers, and remained in this position until the 19th, when the enemy retired more to the summit of the mountain, and was followed by our advancing forces. The regiment remained directly in front of Kenesaw Mountain until the 26th of June, all the time engaged in sending out skirmishing parties and supporting the skirmishing lines of the brigade. On the 26th of June the regiment moved, with the brigade, more tot he right of the line previously occupied, and participated, on the following day, June 27, in the assault on the works of the enemy, but which was repulsed by the same. The regiment remained under the artillery fire of the enemy until 11 p. m., when it retied. On the 28th it went in our reserve lines, where it bivouacked, engaged in making out its regimental and company reports for muster and inspection.

On the 2nd day of July the regiment marched, with the brigade, to the extreme right of the army, taking the Sandtown road, and arrived at its position at 1 p. m., and intrenched itself there. On the 3rd day of July the regiment, with the brigade, supported part of the Sixteenth Army Corps in its attacks on the enemy's lines near Nickajack Creek, which he was forced to abandon, and continued in the same service on the 4th of July. From the 5th to July 12 the regiment confronted, in various positions, the enemy, who was intrenched on the northern bank of the Chattahoochee River at Roswell Factory, where it threw up intrenchments, but which [it] left on the 17th July, when it marched in a southeastern direction toward the railroad which leads from Augusta to Atlanta. The same was reached on the evening of the 18th, and completely destroyed for five miles, in which destruction the regiment took an active part. On the 19th the regiment reached Decatur, after having assisted in the destruction of another portion of said railroad on the same day. On the 20th it advanced along said railroad toward Atlanta, and, the enemy appearing in front, advanced in line of battle to a point about three miles and half east of Atlanta, where it took position and threw up breast-works, in which it remained during the next day. The enemy left his intrenched position early in the morning of the 22nd July, and the regiment, with the brigade, took possession of the same and turned them in some manner to use them against the enemy, but not sufficiently, as was shown afterward. At about 3.30 p. m. the enemy attacked the position in force, and having been successful on the left of the brigade, the regiment being posted on the right, advanced on our flank and rear, and the regiment was forced to fall back to the intrenchments occupied in the morning, though it was successful in repel-