War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0870 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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At New Hope Church, August 29, 10 a. m., Lieutenant-Colonel Klein reported himself sick, and the command of the First Brigade devolved on me. At 12 m. the brigade moved down the Fayetteville road one mile to the support of the Second Brigade and into position on the left, erecting barricades fronting the Jonesborough road. Reconnaissance and patrols discovered the enemy's cavalry in our immediate front in small force of observation only. At 5 p. m. the First Brigade returned to New Hope Church and occupied our former barricades erected on the 28th. No casualties. August 30, 6 a. m., moved out, First Brigade in advance. Passing through our barricades of yesterday afternoon on the Josesborough road, and two miles beyond, encountered the enemy in some force behind barricades, from which they were soon driven. In the mean time our infantry had come up, on the right of which the First Brigade was formed in line. Moving forward in extension of the line and front of the infantry, and seeking an occasion (without success, owing to the nature of the ground) to turn the enemy's left and charge them, we continued skirmishing until the junction with the main Jonesborough road was reached, where the brigade formed in column again and moved forward in rear of the division. At Camp Creek the brigade moved forward under a concentrated nervous flank artillery fire, highly creditable to its discipline and firmness. One man from the Third Indiana Cavalry was slightly wounded in the leg. Bivouacked at Flint River. August 31, 3 a. m., moved one mile to the rear; 6 a. m., sent an officer and twenty men to open communication with the Army of the Cumberland, heard north of us; 11 a. m., moved down to the crossing at Flint River due west of Jonesborough. At 1 p. m. Captains Qualman, Company K, and Young, Company H, Third Indiana, With 100 picked men, were sent to cut the railroad a few miles below here. The balance of the First, with the Second Brigade, commenced barricading, and prepared to hold the opposite side of Flint River. At 2.30 p. m. a demonstration was ordered by Lieutenant-Colonel Jones, Eighth Indiana Cavalry, commanding Second Brigade, on favor of Captains Qualman and Young. Fifty-seven men, the remaining mounted effective force of the Fifth Regiment Iowa cavalry from the Rouseau and McCook raids, rode gallantly out, led by Captain Choumee, Company F, Lieutenant Wing, Company B, and Lieutenant McGuire, to received the enemy's fire and attract his attention by a feint charge, moving on under fire from the enemy's skirmishers until they received a volley from the rebels in line behind a close fence on their right flank. They returned with a loss of Lieutenant Maguire killed instantly and 2 men wounded. A few moments past 3 p. m. our barricades were not as yet completed, Lieutenant-Colonel Jones, with the Third and Eighth Indiana in the advance barricade, and myself with the Fifth Iowa and Tenth Ohio in the rear one, when the rebels attacked and soon developed a force that was speedily enveloping the command. The rear barricade was held till all were in from the front, when the ammunition was out and our whole force retired across the river, remounted and formed. In this last engagement the brigade lost 1 killed, 6 wounded, and 7 missing. At 6 p. m. Captains Qualman and Young returned with their command, having fully accomplished their object, and although constantly skirmishing with the enemy, without casualty. Barricaded and bivouacked for the night near former camp.