War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0673 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.--ARMY OF THE OHIO.

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drove in our pickets, but were repulsed with heavy loss; fired 167 rounds. June 23, moved half a mile and 300 yards from the rebel works. June 24 and 25, all quiet. June 26, moved fifty yards to the front and built works. June 27, 6 a. m., opened fire and fired all day at intervals; fired 588 rounds; 2 men wounded. June 28, all quiet. June 29, no firing; 2 men wounded and 1 killed by sharpshooters. June 30, all quiet.

July 1, 6 a. m., moved four miles; went into position. Remained in position during the 2nd and 3d. July 4, moved back into camp. July 5, moved one mile. July 6, 6 a. m., moved to the railroad and went into camp, where we remained until the 8th, at 4 a. m., when we moved six or seven miles to the Chattahoochee River, and took position on the bank and fired six rounds to cover the crossing of our troops. July 9, crossed the river and went into camp. July 10, moved into position on top of a high hill near Powers' Ferry, where we remained until the 12th, when we moved back to the river and went into camp. July 13, all quiet. July 14, moved two miles and went into camp. July 15, put two pieces in position, where we remained until the 17th, when we marched four miles and went into position. July 18, marched to Peach Tree Creek. July 19, 5 a. m., moved toward Decatur; put two pieces on the skirmish line and shelled the enemy and drove them into the town, when we again shelled them and the town and drove them from the place; we then went into camp for the night. July 20, 5 a. m., moved four miles toward Atlanta and went into camp for the night. July 21, all quiet. July 22, moved in front of Atlanta; put one gun into position in the road; fired twenty-three rounds; afterward moved on the line, built works, and fired 187 rounds into Atlanta; one gun disabled, but was put in rear immediately. July 23, fired at intervals of fifteen minutes during the day; fired thirty-nine rounds. July 24, Sunday, all quiet. July 25, fired twenty-four rounds. July 26, no firing. July 27, fired 111 rounds. July 28, fired 128 rounds. July 29, fired forty-seven rounds. July 30 and 31, no firing.

August 1, fired forty-nine rounds; moved at 7 p. m.; marched three miles and bivouacked for the night. August 2, marched seven miles toward the right and stopped for the night. August 3, 1 p. m., went into position on the bank of Big Peach Tree Creek. August 4, crossed the creek and took position, and built works under the fire of the enemy's artillery; fired eighty-nine rounds and silenced the enemy's guns. August 5, 1 man wounded. August 6, moved back into camp, where we remained until 1 p. m. of the 7th, when we marched two and a half miles and went into camp. August 8, 11 a. m., took one section out in front of the skirmish line to shell the woods in front of Colonel Strickland's brigade. 9th, moved the other two pieces up and built works, where we remained until 5 p. m. of the 18th; during that time fired sixty-eight rounds; moved one mile and a half into an open field on the extreme right of the Second Division. August 19, took one piece about 800 yards in front of the line and opened fire on the enemy's works; drew their fire from six different works; fired twenty-four rounds and retired to our works; 3 p. m., the enemy blew up one of our limbers by striking it with a shell; 1 man wounded. August 20, nothing transpired. August 21, moved back into camp, where we lay until the morning of the 28th, when we moved one mile and took position; no enemy in sight; 5 p. m., moved three miles and took position. August 29,