War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0662 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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assaults during the night, but are each time repulsed with considerable loss to them; wounded, George W. Rickey, musician, Company C, slight. May 29, change position to the right one brigade distance; wounded, Burton Lee, Company C, slight. May 30, take position in front line; wounded, William Dean, Company K, mortally; Samuel B. Large, musician Company A, in leg while attempting to bring him off the field. May 31, at 8 a. m. the enemy make three assaults on our lines, but are each time repulsed with loss; killed, John Clotter, Company K; William Wylie, Company A; John Powder, Company K; John Franklin, Company B; William T. Peer, Company B; William Slagle, Company I; wounded, James Barngrover, Company E; Daniel Sullivan, Company A; C. C. Pettijohn, sergeant, Company E; Joseph Carson, corporal, Company K; William Andrews, Company E; Jacob Buckman, Company H; Robert H. Burton, Company A; John Sample, corporal, Company C; Caldwell G. P. Austin, Company C; William Berkenstock, sergeant, Company D, mortally. At 5 p. m. relieved by Fourteenth Kentucky and take position in rear line.

June 1, relieve the Fourteenth Kentucky, and take position in front line; at 8 p. m. brigade relieved and marched two miles to the rear, where we camp and draw three days' rations. June 2, move to the extreme left, where the brigade make a charge, Fiftieth in rear line; the enemy driven a mile and a half, and into their works; build works; heavy storm, lasting all day; wounded, Frank Fox, corporal, Company K; Cyrus Pettijohn, Company E; Philip Kaufman, Company G. June 3, relieve the Fourteenth Kentucky and occupy the front line; rebels evacuate and works occupied by brigade, Fiftieth Ohio in advance; wounded, John C. Bennett, Company K; William Ryan, Company F; Jeremiah Ladd, Company E. June 4, moved 200 or 300 yards to the left and throw up breast-works; heavy skirmishing during the night and continued rains. June 5, move to the rear line; remain during the night; very wet and disagreeable. June 6, move one brigade distance to the right; nothing important. June 7, ordered to be ready to march at 6 a. m.; at 9 a. m. move two miles to the left. June 8, no change in position. June 9, a reconnaissance in force made; Fiftieth takes no active part. June 10, at 8 a. m. advance over the ground reconnoitered the day previous, Fiftieth in front; about four miles out met the rebel skirmishers; they are attacked and driven in their works; throw up breast-works in their front; rebels shell vigorously, but inflict slight damage; heavy rains during this day; wounded, Thomas Day, corporal, Company B; N. B. Meader, Company H. June 11, occupy same position; wounded, Thornton P. Thomas, Company C, sergeant, mortally. June 12, 13, and 14, no change in position; rains heavily. June 15, move to the extreme rear Lost Mountain; in reserve. June 16, change position to the left about a mile; enemy retreats. June 17, advance four miles beyond and to the left of Lost Mountain, the enemy retreating rapidly. June 18, no change in our position; heavy rains continue. June 19, advance on the Atlanta road about four miles, wade a creek waist deep; men wet, hungry, and much fatigued. June 20 and 21, no change in position. June 22, advance about three miles, where the enemy is met; form line of battle and build works; the enemy make a desperate charge, but are repulsed with heavy loss; wounded, Captain Thomas Clark, Company F; Thomas Mugavan, corporal, Company I. June 23, Fiftieth Ohio Volunteer Infantry moves out in advance along