War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0647 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.-ARMY OF THE OHIO.

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field, retired to main work, having repulsed the enemy; captured 38 prisoners. Colonel G. W. Gallup, Lieutenant-Colonel Brown, and Major Thomas, of this regiment, deserve especial mention in this place for their coolness, courage, and good management in fighting their commands and bringing [them] back to main line in good order; loss, Fourteenth Kentucky, 7 killed, 40 wounded, 1 missing; Fiftieth Ohio, 2 wounded. June 23, advanced the brigade to the position occupied by the Fourteenth Kentucky the day before; General Butterfield's division took position on the left, Colonel Cooper's brigade on the right; loss, Fiftieth Ohio, 3 wounded; Twentieth Kentucky, 1 killed, 2 wounded; Twenty-seventh Kentucky, 2 wounded. June 26, advanced front line, extending line by moving Fiftieth Ohio to right and placing Twenty-seventh Kentucky in front line on right of road, Fourteenth Kentucky in reserve; loss, Fourteenth Kentucky, 1 wounded; Twentieth Kentucky, 2 wounded; Twenty-seventh Kentucky, 1 wounded. June 27, brigade ordered to keep the enemy in check and gain ground, if possible; heavy firing kept up till dark; loss, Fourteenth Kentucky, 1 wounded; Fiftieth Ohio, 1 wounded; Twentieth Kentucky, 4 wounded; Twenty-seventh Kentucky, 2 killed, 4 wounded. June 28, heavy skirmishing in front; sharpshooters very annoying; loss, Fourteenth Kentucky, 5 wounded; Twentieth Kentucky, 5 wounded. June 29, lines not changed; heavy skirmishing; loss, Fourteenth Kentucky, 2 wounded; Twentieth Kentucky, 1 wounded; Twenty-seventh Kentucky, 1 wounded. June 30, brigade ordered to be ready to move at a moment's notice; skirmishing all day; loss, Fourteenth Kentucky, 1 wounded; Fiftieth Ohio, 1 wounded; Twentieth Kentucky, 2 wounded.

July 1, brigade relieved last night at 12 o'clock by a brigade of General Geary's division, Twentieth Corps; moved a mile to rear and bivouacked till morning; at 6 a. m. movement commenced to the right, Cooper's brigade in front, Third Brigade next, moved two miles, marching in column; brigade was then formed in line of battle and moved half a mile, then placed in front, driving the enemy one mile, went into position on right of division and built barricades; loss, Fiftieth Ohio, 1 wounded. July 2, brigade relieved about 12 m. by General Smith's brigade, of the Fourth Corps; moved two brigades distance to left. While lying still awaiting orders the enemy shelled us; moved a few yards to the rear and barricaded. July 3, the Fiftieth Ohio made reconnaissance to front, to Nickajack Creek (see report of Fiftieth Ohio); loss, Fiftieth Ohio, 1 wounded. July 4, brigade in position as day before; skirmishing in front. July 5, brigade moved at 9 o'clock toward Nickajack Creek; moved one mile, lay in the woods through the day, then returned to position held the night before. July 6, at 6.30 o'clock moved forward, crossed Nickajack Creek; go into camp at Ruff's Station, on railroad. July 7, remained in camp. July 8, moved to left, rested from 2 p. m. to 6 a. m., then commenced to move; camped after dark, making about eight miles in the day. July 9 and 10, brigade lay both days in the woods. July 11, crossed the Chattahoochee River about 1 p. m., moved down bank of river about one-fourth of a mile, thence to top of mountain, taking possession of works occupied by Second Brigade moving to right. July 12 and 13,