War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0601 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.-ARMY OF THE OHIO.

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directions to advance across an open field to the enemy's works. I accordingly moved on the first line of works and gained them without any fighting, except the part of my regiment which was on skirmish line. I was then ordered to advance and make a demonstration on their next line. I accordingly moved forward, the skirmishers driving the enemy, until I came in sight of his second line of works. Just at nigh I received orders to fall back to the position I occupied before making the demonstration on the second line. Here I remained for the night and threw up works. Lost this day 1 commissioned officer wounded. 16th June, occupied same position till about 2 p. m., when I was ordered to advance, my regiment being left of front line, over the same ground I had the previous evening. After advancing about half the distance the skirmish line charged and drove the enemy. At about sunset my regiment was ordered on the skirmish line, where I remained all night. 17th June, this morning the enemy had left my front and I advanced and took possession of his works, and was relieved from skirmish line at 8 a. m. I then moved about two miles southeast, where I remained that night. 18th June, occupied same position till evening, when I moved one and a half miles on the Sandtown road and formed in order of battle,e occupying right of second line. 19th, 20th, and 21st June, occupied same position. 22nd June, marched at 11 a. m. by the right flank, four miles, where I formed in order of battle, occupying right of front line. Here I remained one hour, when I moved by the left flank one-quarter mile; formed again in the same order and remained during the night throwing up works. 23rd June, at 2 p. m. I was ordered to advance; I moved forward about 200 yards, where I again threw up works in right of front line; here I remained or the night. 24th June, in same position until sunset, when I moved forward 200 yards and threw up works, and at 10 p. m. was relieved from front line and moved back too send line and remained during the night. 25th June, at daylight moved to the front line of works and relieved Sixth East Tennessee Volunteer Infantry. 26th June, in same position all day. 27th June, was relieved from front line at 8 a. m., and moved to rear 100 yards; lost 1 man wounded. 28th June, at sunset moved to front line, sending one captain and twenty men on skirmish line. 20th June, in same position all day, reliving my skirmishers in the evening by same number. 30th June, in same position all day; lost 1 man killed and 1 man wounded.

1st July, relieved at daylight and moved to the right four miles; formed in order of battle in left of front line; two companies on skirmish line; I then advanced two miles, charging the enemy's line and driving it; loss, 1 man killed, Major R. H. Dunn, and 4 men wounded. 2nd July, relieved at noon and moved to the rear one-half mile and camped. Here I remained until the 6th July; marched at 8 a. m. and came five miles to Ruff's Station on the railroad; encamped; here I remained till the 8th of July, 1864, marching six miles and halted near the Chattahoochee River. Sent a detail of men to assist in effecting a crossing of the river. At dark formed in order of battle, left of front line of brigade, and remained for the night. 9th July, crossed the river at 6 a. m. and formed in order of battle, right of second line of brigade; remained here till sunset, then moved to the southwest in supporting distance of Second Brigade, and lay all night. 10th July, moved upon front line, left of brigade; sent out twenty-five men on skirmish line; in this position I remained. 14th July, marched at 9 a. m., came one-half, mile,