War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0484 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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firing from this position. On the 16th I moved through Resaca and crossed the river. On the morning of the 19th I moved out on the Cassville road from our camp of the night previous about one mile, when a section, under command of Lieutenant Herriman, was left with the Second Brigade to guard the camp and trains. The balance of the battery moved forward and to the right of the Cassville road some two miles and formed in battery in the yard of the rebel Colonel Price. The enemy was plain to be seen in large numbers on the hills about 1,200 yards to our front. I opened upon them with case and shot, soon after which they disappeared. Soon after taking this position, the section under Lieutenant Herriman was ordered up, which arrive in good time. Between 1 and 2 p. m. the battery was ordered to the left, where it took position in a wheat field; at 3 p. m. a section under command of Lieutenant Kingwas ordered to the front, a report of the operations of which accompanies this report. At 5 p. m. the balance of the battery was ordered forward and took position just to the right of wood near the female seminary. I opened upon a position occupied a short time previous by a rebel battery, but receiving no reply from them, after firing a few rounds I was ordered to cease firing. On the morning of the 20th I moved back into camp. On the morning of the 23rd I moved out with the division and crossed the Etowah River. In the afternoon of the 26th crossed Pumpkin Vine Creek, and on the morning of the 27th went into position on the line in General Geary's front and opened upon the enemy's line of works, firing once in five minutes from each gun, which was kept up for two hours. On the afternoon of the 3rd of June withdrew from the line and moved with the division to the left and took up a position at McLean's house; did no firing. On the morning of the 6th of June moved to the front and went into position on Noonday Creek. On the afternoon of the 15 crossed Noonday Creek, and moved about two miles to the front, where we were again confronted by the enemy. On the morning of the 16th took position on General Ward's line and fired a few rounds at the enemy's line of works. On the 22nd took up a position farther to the front and opened upon the enemy with good effect. On the evening of the 30th relieved the Nineteenth Ohio Battery on the Powder Springs road with four guns. From this position I did considerable firing with case and solid shot. On the evening of the 17th of July I crossed the Chattahoochee River at Pace's Ferry. On the 20th crossed Peach Tree Creek on the Buck Head road, and took position on the hill to the left of the Second Division, Fourth Army Corps. At 4 p. m. moved to the right and went into position on a rise of ground in rear of Colonel Wood's brigade and opened upon the enemy with solid shot, firing over the heads of our troops, which I kept up until dark. At 11 p. m. took position on the line in Colonel Harrison's brigade. On the morning of the 22nd I moved with the division about three miles to the front and took position in Colonel Harrison's brigade. On the 26th moved to a new line some 200 yards to the front. While in this position I was relieved from command and turned the battery over to Captain Gary. My losses during this time have been as follows: 1 man killed; 2 mortally wounded; 2 seriously wounded; 2 slightly wounded.


First Lieutenant First Ohio Light Arty., Commanding Battery.

Captain M. B. GARY,

Battery C, First Ohio Volunteer Artillery.