War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0478 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Twentieth Army Corps. The batteries did good execution in repelling repeated assaults of the enemy. Casualty, 1 horse wounded in Battery M. Expenditures: Battery M, 67 rounds; Battery I, 139 rounds. The enemy having evacuated his position during the night, we again marched in the direction of Cassville, Ga., on the 16th of May, and came up with the enemy's rear guard about four miles from Cassville, where one section of Battery I became engaged, firing six rounds without loss to us. On the morning of the 20th of May, the enemy having evacuated Cassville, we were camped for rest in the town until the morning of May 23. The artillery again moved with the division, crossing the Etowah River on the 23rd and marching in the direction of Dallas, Ga. On the 26th of May Battery M was engaged, firing 128 rounds, with no casualties. On the 28th of May 1 man in Battery M was wounded in neck by fragment shell; since dead. 29th, 2 horses killed in Battery M. 30th, 1 man wounded in Battery M; leg broken. On June 2 Battery I was engaged at Brownlow's Hill, Ga., firing six rounds and losing 2 men wounded severely. On the 6th of June a section of Battery I was engaged near Jackson's house, expending seven rounds, with no casualties. The command was not again engaged until June 16, when we had a brisk artillery duel with the enemy about 3 p. m., silencing his batteries. Casualties: Battery M, 1 man killed by gunshot; Battery I, 1 man killed, 1 horse killed, 1 horse wounded. Expenditures: Battery M, 83 rounds; Battery I, 156 rounds. This was near Golgotha, Ga. On the morning of the 17th, the enemy having abandoned his strong position during the night, we again marched toward Marietta, Ga., and became engaged about 1 p. m. with a strong rear guard of the enemy, consisting of cavalry and artillery. We soon silenced his batteries and dispersed the cavalry, without loss to us. Expended in Battery M, 25 rounds; Battery I, 104 rounds. On the 18th Battery I was engaged, firing 124 rounds, without loss. The enemy abandoned his position during the night, and on the following morning, the 19th, we again marched. During the day we became engaged, the batteries taking positions on the skirmish line, and expending in Battery M, 13 rounds; Battery I, 200 rounds. Casualties, 1 horse killed in Battery I. The artillery was next engaged on the 22nd of June at Kolb's farm, Ga. Battery I was ordered into position on line with the troops of the Third Brigade and Battery M with the Second Brigade, First Division, Twentieth Army Corps. The enemy made several charges on the line, but were severely repulsed. Casualties: Battery M, 1 man killed, 5 men wounded; Battery I, 1 man wounded, 1 horse killed. Expenditures: Battery M, 280 rounds; Battery I, 669 rounds. On the morning of the 27th Battery I was ordered by maj. J. A. Reynolds, chief of artillery, Twentieth Corps, to mass in rear of General Geary's (Second) division, preparatory to an advance of the left wing of the Army of the Mississippi; opened fire on the enemy about 8 a. m., and continued at intervals during the day. The battery returned at night to its old position with the First Division. Loss, 1 man killed. Expended 690 rounds. Battery M fired ten rounds during the day. July 2, Battery I opened fire on the enemy's line about sunrise, expending 107 rounds; no loss. On the morning of the 3d, the enemy having fallen back, we moved in the direction of the Chattahoochee River, and remained in camp until the morning of July 17 near the river. July 17, crossed the river at Pace's Ferry, moving in an easterly direction toward Peach Tree Creek, and biv-