War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0476 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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July 2, opened fire about sunrise on the enemy's lines, expending 107 rounds; no loss. On the morning of the 3d, the enemy having fallen back, we moved in the direction of the Chattahoochee River and remained in camp until the morning of July 17 near the river. July 17, ward Peach Tree Creek, and bivouacked for the night. July 20, went into position on left of Second Division, a section being afterward detached under Lieutenant Newkirk; crossed Peach Tree Creek, and moving up Peach Tree Creek road, took position on a hill occupied by First Division, Twentieth Corps. About noon the enemy, massing in front of the corps, made a charge of whole length of their line, which was repulsed at every point with heavy loss to them. About 3 p. m. the remainder of the battery was ordered to move, and took position near the section first detached, where the command remained until the morning of the 22d. Loss, killed, 1 man; wounded, 3 men, 6 horses. Ammunition expended, eighty-four rounds. The enemy having abandoned his position on the night of the 21st, we moved on the morning of the 22nd in the direction of Atlanta, Ga., and in the afternoon a section was placed in position under artillery fire on the line of the First Division, the remainder of battery being brought up after night-fall. Fired nine rounds at a battery of the enemy. Loss, wounded, 1 men slightly. June 23, replied to the fire of a rebel battery, silencing it with an expenditure of seventy-one rounds. Loss, killed, 1 horse. On the morning of the 24th were ordered a open on a large stone house in our front and burn it, if possible. Although every projectile thrown struck the buildings, it proved impossible to communicate fire to it; distance, about 1,050 yards. Loss, killed, 1 horse. Ammunition expended, seventy-two rounds. July 27, Second Lieutenant Francis Henchen killed by musket-ball through head. July 28, received orders to fire at any point in our front for the purpose of diverging the enemy's attention from the right of our line, expending 150 rounds. Loss, wounded, 1 horse. July 29, opened fire on Atlanta; continued through the day, at an interval of five minutes, expending 106 rounds. July 30, our skirmishers having advanced on the right of the division were subjected to a severe enfilading fire from one of the enemy's batteries. Opening on the battery we silenced it, dismounting one piece and expending twenty-four rounds of ammunition.

August 1, opened again on the city, firing at intervals of five minutes, and expending sixty rounds. August 1, fired at Widow Sander's house, expending thirty rounds. August 4, not engaged; loss, wounded 1 man. August 5, fired at enemy's works thirty-seven rounds. August 6, opened on city, expending forty-one rounds. August 9, opened on city, firing in direction of railroad depot, at an interval of two and a half minutes, and expending 300 rounds. On the evening of the 13th opened on the city, firing at an interval of two and a half minutes and continuing through the night. Loss, wounded, 1 man. Ammunition expended, 265 rounds. On the morning of the 18th 1 man wounded by shell; since dead. August 19, opened fire at 4 a. m., firing by battery at enemy's works and expending seventy-two rounds. On the night of the 26th the corps fell back to the Chattahoochee River and fortified, and at about 2 p. m. on the 2nd September a section of the battery entered Atlanta, taking position in the abandoned works of the enemy on the east side of the town. During the night the remainder of the command moved into the city.