War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0408 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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Hooker. July 28, the brigade, except our regiment, was under orders to move about 3 p. m., and moved off to the right. From the sounds of artillery there has been a great battle fought on the extreme right to-day. The Thirty-third Indiana was ordered to remain. About dark the other portion of the brigade returned to our camp and resumed their old places. July 29, the division was under orders to move, and moved at 10 a. m. to the right, and, passing the Fourteenth, Fifteenth, Sixteenth, and Seventeenth Corps, marched about six miles and formed on the extreme right of the army, supporting during this afternoon General Davis' division, of the Fourteenth Corps, in a reconnaissance and advance. Went into camp about 5 p. m. and built breast-works, the position of Thirty-third Indiana being the right center of the brigade. July 30, were under marching to the right, and after considerable delay went into camp. The Eighty-fifth Indiana and Twenty-second Wisconsin built breast-works on an advanced line. the Thirty-third Indiana and Nineteenth Michigan camped in column of division a quarter of a mile to the rear. July 31, remained in the same camp.

August 1 and 2, remained in the same camp until about 4 p. m., when we received orders to march. We soon broke up camp and marched back to the Twentieth Corps, and on the same road we came, the Third Brigade in front and First Brigade in rear, Thirty-third Indiana in front of Second Brigade; camped about dark in rear of Third Division, Fourteenth Corps. August 3, our brigade relieved the Second Brigade, Third Division, Fourteenth Corps, the Thirty-third Indiana going into position on the right, and relieving the One hundred and first Indiana. This evening a detail of 150 men was made to work on an advanced line of works of the constructed about 200 yards from our present line. During the work 1 man was wounded severely in the leg. August 4, the right of our skirmish line advance this afternoon to connect with an advance made by the skirmishers of the Sixteenth Corps on our right. The skirmishing was lively and spirited and resulted successfully, our lines being advanced about forty yards on the right. August 5, the brigade also advanced, and their position was very much exposed to the rebel shells; almost constant shelling by the enemy during the construction of this new line. August 6,7, 8, and 9, remained in the present line, the enemy shelling us all the time, our artillery replying only occasionally; heavy firing constantly kept up on the picket-line, and a great deal of ammunition expended. August 10, a detail of 250 men from the brigade was made to construct new works in advance; the Thirty-third Indiana furnished sixty men. August 11 and 12, engaged on the new line and completed it. On the evening of the 12th the brigade moved out and occupied the new line. There was not room for all the Thirty-third Indiana; only one wing of the regiment could get into the line, being shortened that much. The left wing occupy that position, the right wing being in the old line and in reserve. August 13 to 24, during this time constant firing has been kept up by the skirmishers and the batteries until three days ago, when, by mutual consent, the pickets have ceased firing at each other. The artillery, however, has fired just the same, the batteries of our division and corps firing at the city of Atlanta regularly during the day and night. August 25, at 12 night the Thirty-third Indiana was ordered to leave the line and move to the