War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0350 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN.

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ment. On the afternoon of the 27th I was ordered by Major-General Slocum report to him for orders, and was by him put in position on the north side of the Chattahoochee River in the old line of rebel works, for the purpose of covering the trains and commissary and ordnance depots, my flanks resting on the river, where I have remained without change until this time, except that when the First Division to put one regiment in position on the south side of the river to cover the bridge.

Not having had opportunity in the former reports rendered from me during the campaign suitably to acknowledge the services of Lieutenant George W. Gilchrist, my pioneer, I take this occasion tom say that his skill in his department, his energy and courage, deserve the highest commendation. He was ever ready to go to the skirmish line, or beyond it, if work was to be done there, and any works intrusted to him was promptly and skillfully done. I submit herewith the reports of my regimental commanders, and also a list of killed and wounded for the period embraced in the report.*

Respectfully submitted.


Colonel, Commanding First Brigadier, Third Div., 20th Army Corps.

[Captain JOHN SPEED,

Assistant Adjutant-General.]


Chattahoochee River, September 5, 1864.

COLONEL: I disposed of my troops at daylight yesterday morning, according to the directions contained in your letter of the night before. The Thirty-third Massachusetts was placed on the south side of the river, covering the brigades, as I thought it could be best spared from my line on this side. This morning I have ordered that regiment forward to Atlanta, in obedience to a telegram received from you last evening, and have put the One hundred and fifth Illinois in the place occupied by it on the south side of the river. Moving these two regimens from ny line on the north side will compel me to-day to take up a new and shorter line. This I shall do by occupying the shortest line outside of the depot of supplies stored here until these supplies are removed, when I propose still further to contract my lines, and occupy the line of rebel defenses in which our artillery has been. I hope these supplies may be removed as soon as possible, as while they remain my lines are necessarily so extended as to be weak and unsafe. If I am expected to remain here for any length of time I will construct some block-houses on the south side of the river for the batter defense of the brigade. I think about four good block-houses would cover all of the approached on the south side. I would like, if possible, to have some artillery left here, as in case an attack should be made with artillery the bridge might be battered down from some of the many hills about which command it. If the major-general commanding has any commands as to line he wants me to occupy, or the character of the defenses he desires constructed here, I should be glad to receive them. I hope within a


*List (omitted) shows 1 officer and 8 men killed, 1 officer and 52 men wounded, and 1 man missing; total, 63.