War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0338 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN Chapter L.

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and shell. Surgeon Cooper, U. S. Army, medical director, gave me explicit instructions, in case shot or shell came into hospital, instantly to remove. A site was selected in the rear, but was never occupied. The location used was dry, easily drainer, with plenty of good, cool water, and accessible from the division. The division marched to the right, but the hospital remained, with the exception of one section, which, under the charge of Brigade Surgeon B. L. Hovey, marched with the division to the right and returned. During the month we laid here many men were wounded, while in camp, in the head, bowels, and chest, and many died of their wounds, in all 15. The number of casualties before Atlanta amounted to 96 wounded and 15 deaths, extending over thirty days. With the exception of the want of vegetables, the command and hospital did not suffer. There was an increased amount of admissions from sickness incident to the protracted campaign and the season, but few fatal cases of disease. These, for the most part, have since been returned to duty. On the

25th of August the division fell back over the Chattahoochee River. The hospital was located near the railroad brigade. Two only were wounded. Also, from accidental explosion of shall, 2 men were wounded from the Fourteenth Army Corps; both cases of amputation, and were turned over to field hospital in Atlanta. On the 4th day of September the hospital was moved to an eligible site in Atlanta, where it is at present.

I have given results of actions, with dates, in a tabular from. In all cases of capital operations and painful examinations of wounds, ether, but principally chloroform, has been unstintingly used, and I am gratified to remark no visible ill has occurred, except nausea and vomiting, from it. In conclusion, I am prod to acknowledge the patient kindness, skill, and ability exhibited by the medical staff of this division during this arduous campaign, which will, I hope, received its merited reward.

Very respectfully,


Surg., U. S. Vols., Surg. in Chief, 3rd Div., 20th Army Corps.

tabular statement of actions, &c., of Third Division, Twentieth Corps, Army of the Cumberland, May to September, 1864.

Name and date Condition Aggrega Condition Field

of engagement. of the te of the hospital-

command. strengt supplies. distance

h of from

the front.


Resaca and Excellent; 6,610 Sufficient One mile;

Cassville, May in good for the good water

14 to 17, health and requirement and well

1864. spirits. s of the sheltered.


Dallas, May Good; 5,804 Good; the One mile

25, 1864. having fine medical and a

weather and supply half; in a

roads good. train house and

coming up. on a



Golgotha, June Health 5,520 Good; One mile;

15, 1864. good; roads having well

heavy, replenished sheltered.

owing to .



Peach Tree Health 5,091 Sufficient. One mile

Creek, July good; roads ...... and a

20, 1864. in good half;

condition. water


Siege of Worn out; a4,764; Sufficient, One mile;

Atlanta, from the with the water

July 29, 1864, fatigues of b5,228 exception good; site

to September the of the want dry and

2, 1864. campaign of easily

beginning vegetables. drained.

to tell.

a August 1. b September 5.