War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0183 Chapter L. REPORTS, ETC.- ARMY OF THE CUMBERLAND.

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First Brigade, Second Division, Twentieth Army Corps; remained here until 5.30 a. m. 6th; marched about three miles; went into camp near crossing of Acworth and Big Shanty roads; remained here until 6.30 p. m.; moved to the left about 100 yards; occupied the works made by the Seventh Ohio and One hundred and forty- seventh Pensylvania Volunteers; right of Twenty- ninth resting opposite southeast corner of Adams' house and left on Big Shanty road. 11 a. m. June 14 moved to the right a mile; took position on right of Third Brigade. Twenty- ninth on extreme right of First Brigade; at 11 a. m. June 15 moved one mile to the front; formed line of battle on ridge near Pine Knob, Twenty- ninth on left of First Brigade; stopped about two hours; moved to the front and right about 200 yards; went into position on ridge perpendicular to and left resting near enemy's line of works; threw out skirmishers on our left; at 5.30 p. m. moved to the left over the works; came by right flank into line of battle, Twenty- ninth on right of First Brigade; came upon the enemy's skirmish line; moved briskly forward, following the enemy's skirmishers closely; arrived near second line of enemy's works; fighting became very severe; continued so until 11 p. m.; severity of fight partially relaxing; commenced a line of breast- works; worked on the same until 7 a. m 16th; was relieved by Sixty- sixth Ohio Volunteers; moved down a ravine to the right and rear to reserve line, connecting on left with Fifth Ohio; at dark moved to the left; occupied works of Fifth Ohio; repaired works until 12 m. At 3.30 a.m. 17th moved over the works tot he front; moved slowly; often halting, waiting o the skirmishers; marched about two miles; went into position under cover of a hill in support of Thirteenth New York Battery, Twenty- ninth on left of brigade; remained until 8.30 a. m. 19th; moved to the right one mile; went into line on a ridge; threw up some works, Twenty- ninth on right of First Brigade. At 6 p. . 20th moved to the right two miles; halted; Twenty- ninth on picket in front of Second Division. At 10 a. m. 21st was relieved; took position as fourth battalion in line of First Brigade on Big Shanty road; built strong works. At 10 a. m. 22nd moved to the front one mile; took position on a hill in open field near Kenesaw Mountain; threw up heavy works, Twenty- ninth fourth battalion of First Brigade; had some fighting, but no casualties in Twenty- ninth; remained here. Nothing of importance transpired until 7 p. m. 27th of June, when we moved to the right and front 300 yards; Twenty- ninth supported Bundy's (Thirteenth New York) battery; moved to the left 500 yards, but could get no position, and returned to the brigade; took position on extreme left of First Brigade; threw up some works; remained until 9 p. m. 30th; moved three miles to the right; occupied works of a portion of the Twenty- third Corps; skirmish fire very brisk and continuous; some casualties in the Twenty- ninth.

At 8.30 p. m. July 1 moved to rear half a mile into reserve line. At 8 p. m. 2nd Twenty- ninth Ohio Volunteer Infantry and Twenty- eighth Pensylvania Volunteer Infantry were sent as pickets to line occupied on the 1st of July. At 3 a. m. 3rd found that the enemy had vacated their works in front; moved forward, occupied them, had vacated their works in front; moved froward, occupied them, and waited the arrival of the rest of the division; at 6. 30 moved froward, Twenty- ninth on extreme right of skirmish line; had considerable skirmishing, but no casualties; at 6.30 p. m. went into camp near Nickajack Creek. At 5 p. m. 4th moved to the left half