War of the Rebellion: Serial 073 Page 0182 THE ATLANTA CAMPAIGN. Chapter L.

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unteers, left of Twenty- ninth forming obtuse angle to the rear; remained until 8 a. m 16th; marched twelve miles, fording Connesauga River; ferried across the Coosawattee at Bryant's Ford; went into camp in large field, Twenty- ninth on picket; remained until 11 a. m. 17th; marched in rear of division train seven miles, and camped near Adairsville, Ga. 19th, moved at 6.30 a. m.; supported skirmishers until 7 p. m.; two companies of Twenty- ninth deployed as skirmishers near Cassville; moved in line of battle to crest of hill west of Cassville, Twenty- ninth on right of Twentieth Corps; remained until 8 a. m 21st; moved one mile west for convenience of shade and water; remained here until 6 a. m. 23d; marched about 7 miles; encamped near Etowah River in line of battle. Twenty- ninth on right of First Brigade. May 24, marched at 4.30 a. m; formed line of battle on Raccoon Ridge, Twenty- ninth on extreme left of second line; moved in columns of two battalions to- Creek; crossed; ascended Raccoon Mountain; moved along the ridge to Burnt Hickory; camped at 6.30, making a march of nine miles. 25th, marched at 7 a. m. First Brigade in advance; crossed Pumpkin Vine Creek; came on the enemy; double- quicked forward into line, Twenty- ninth on extreme left; was attacked on flank; formed crochet by swinging left wing to rear; repulsed the attack; went into position on ridge, Twenty- ninth second battalion from left of First Brigade; built breast- works; had some warm skirmishing; at 4.30 threw out a line of skirmishers to the front; immediately moved out in support in line of battle, with right resting on Dallas road; marched about a mile; halted for the arrival of brigade; Third Division, Twentieth Army Corps, passed to right; at 6 joined brigade on left; moved forward and engaged the enemy, Twenty- ninth on extreme left of Twentieth Corps; fire very heavy; advance to rise of hill, Twenty- ninth two rods in advance of entire line; very dark; fire relaxed; at 8 p. m. threw out skirmishers; was told we had two lines in front; reconnoitered; found the enemy only 150 paces in front. Immediately commenced fortifying with bayonets and tin plates and what logs could be gathered; gathered logs from nearly the same ground with the enemy; succeeded in getting two picks and a spade from the Second Brigade; at light the enemy's sharpshooters fired briskly, but we had sufficient shelter, so that our loss was slight; our left was entirely exposed; received a detachment from Fourth Corps; deployed them as skirmishers on the left; remained here until 11 a. m 26th; was relieved by Thirty- sixth Illinois Volunteers; moved to the right and rear 100 paces into a ravine under cover; remained until 7.30 p. m 28th; relieved One hundred and forty- seventh Pennsylvania Volunteers in front line, threw out skirmishers in front, connecting on right with One hundred and thirty- fourth New York Volunteers, on left with Fifth Ohio; strengthened our works; remained until 8 p. m.; Twenty- nine was relieved by Twenty- eight Pennsylvania Volunteers; returned to ravine; few casualties; brought off our dead at night an buried them; remained in ravine until 9 p. m. 31st; entire regiment worked all night on fortifications.

At light June 1 returned to ravine; remained until 1.45 p. m.; marched to the left about six miles; went into column of battalions and caped for the night near Marietta Cross- Roads. June 2, at 11.30 moved to the front a mile and a half and halted; loaded, and moved to the right about 300 paces; went into column of divisions along and facing the Acworth road; Twenty- ninth third battalion of